Marshall, George (DNB00)

MARSHALL, GEORGE (fl. 1554), poet, is only known by one work, entitled 'A Compendious Treatise in metre declaring the firste originall of Sacrifice and of the buylding of Aultares and Churches and of the first receavinge of the Christen fayth here in Englande, by G. M. . . . Anno Domini 18 Decembris' (printed by I[ohn] C[awood]). 'The Preface unto the Readers' applies the author's name in an acrostic. The dedication, in prose, in addressed to 'Rycharde Whartun, esquier.' The treatise is a poem in fifty-nine eight-line stanzas (rhyming a a b c c b d d), and describes the growth of Christianity, chiefly in England, till the accession of Queen Mary. The poet is a pious catholic, indulges in strong language concerning the heresies of Wiclif and Luther, and finally congratulates his countrymen on the restoration of the old faith under Mary. Two copies only are known, one in Mr. Huth's library, and the other at Lambeth. The author describes himself as 'emptye of learning,' but inserts references in side notes to Beda, Josephus, and Eusebius, as well as to the Vulgate. It was reprinted in 1875 in Mr, Huth's 'Fugitive Tracts,' 1st ser. No. xv.

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S. L.