Maunder, Samuel (DNB00)

MAUNDER, SAMUEL (1785–1849), compiler, born in 1785, belonged to a Devonshire family settled near Barnstaple. His sister married William Pinnock [q. v.], the well-known projector of the educational ‘Catechisms,’ which were published in eighty-three parts between 1837 and 1849. Maunder took part in their preparation, although Pinnock's name alone appears on their title-page. The two were also partners in a publishing business in London, and published for two or three years the ‘Literary Gazette.’ Under his own name Maunder compiled and issued numerous dictionaries, chiefly for educational purposes. They were very useful in their day and had a large sale. Maunder died at his house in Gibson Square, Islington, on 30 April 1849. His portrait was painted by an American artist named Waugh in the preceding year. William Jerdan [q. v.], who knew Maunder, says he was an honourable and worthy man in every relation of life. The following is a list of his works: 1. ‘The Little Lexicon, or Multum in Parvo of the English Language,’ 1st edit. 1825, 16mo; 5th edit. revised and enlarged, 1845. 2. ‘Treasury of Knowledge and Library of Reference,’ 1st edit. 1830, 12mo, 2 pts.; 18th edit. enlarged, 1848; new edit. 1859, revised by B. B. Woodward, assisted by J. Morris and W. Hughes. 3. ‘Biographical Treasury,’ 1st edit. 1838; 5th edit. with supplement 1845; seven posthumous editions, besides two of the works reconstructed and brought down to date of publication (1873 and 1882), by W. L. R. Cates. 4. ‘The Scientific and Literary Treasury, a new and Popular Encyclopædia of the Belles Lettres,’ 1st edit. 1841, 12mo; 5th edit. 1848; besides two editions revised and rewritten by J. Yate-Johnson, 1866 and 1880. 5. ‘The Treasury of History, comprising a general introductory Outline of universal History and separate Histories of every principal Nation,’ 1844; ‘new edit. revised and brought down to present date by G. W. Cox,’ 1864. 6. ‘The Universal Class-Book, a new Series of Reading Lessons for Every Day in the Year,’ 1st edit. 1844, 8vo; 3rd edit. 1847. 7. ‘The Little Gazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary in Miniature. To which is added a population table, and a list of the Cities, Boroughs, &c., of England and Wales, &c.,’ London, 1845? 8. ‘The Treasury of Natural History, or a Popular Dictionary of Animated Nature. To which are added a Syllabus of Practical Taxidermy and a Glossarial Appendix,’ 1st edit. 1848; 6th edit. revised and supplemented by T. S. Cobbold, 1862; new edit., revised and corrected by E. W. H. Houldsworth, 1874. 9. ‘The Treasury of Geography,’ designed and commenced by S. M., continued and completed by W. Hughes, 1856 and 1860, London and Bungay.

Maunder also prepared a school edition of R. Montgomery's ‘Omnipresence of the Deity,’ a revised edition of Shakespeare's plays, 1851, and of ‘Geography and History,’ by E. R., 1859, 22nd edit.

[Literary Gazette, 2 Dec. 1848, 5 May 1849 (copied by Gent. Mag. vol. xxxi., and elsewhere); Leisure Hour, xii. 261–3; information kindly supplied by G. W. Maunder, esq.; Brit. Mus. Cat.]

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