May's Account of Her Introduction to the Art of Love/Chapter 4

On the next occasion that May and her friend Kate were snugly stretched in bed, their arms fondly circling one another and their hands tenderly plucking the hair of each other's cunt, they soon grew so excited that she, throwing off everything and May reversing her position, lay over her friend and gamahuched her most lovingly, Kate's tongue returning those fiery kisses of love with such interest that in a few minutes both were dissolved in a balmy emission.

As soon as they were recovered a little and more composed, May said softly: "Now, dear Katie, proceed with your most interesting and exciting narrative."

Well, when the time came, papa brought me word to board the brig, and after taking a most affectionate leave he left me in charge of Captain Lemberg and his niece, Hilda. I was delighted to have her as a companion for she was a merry, spritely girl, and had made the voyage before.

I had a little cabin adjoining hers and opening on the salon.

Nina was accommodated in the forepart of the ship and was with a soldier's wife, a Mrs. S and her sister Jenny. The vessel sailed early the next morning and soon began to pitch and roll. The motion made us all sick. Nina was not able to leave her berth and Hilda was nearly as bad. As for me I never felt so bad in my life.

About noon the Captain came into my cabin. I was lying down, only half dressed and so sick that I did not care what was done to me.

He said he was so sorry to find me so bad; but that if I would allow him to prescribe for me he knew what would be sure to give relief.

I said I would take anything he gave for I could not be worse than I was.

He went out and soon returned with a tumbler of hot brandy and water. When I tasted it I said: "I cannot take this, it is too strong."

"All the better, my dear, it will do you more good. Come, trust an old sailor."

He put his arm round me and supported me while I gulped it down. Then he laid me back. It relieved the sickness but threw me into a stupor.

Before he left he arranged my dress and was very particular in setting it over my breast. Seeing I did not move he passed his hand down over my stomach and pressed the mound at the bottom of my belly. Then he lightly kissed my forehead and went away.

After a short time he returned and finding me tossing about, but still in a state of stupor he softly rubbed my stomach over my chemise, bringing his hand lower and lower, until he reached my cunt. Finding I did not mind him, he passed his hands up under my chemise and boldly grasped my cunt.

"Oh, Captain," I muttered, but could say no more.

He pushed his hand between my thighs so as to feel the lips. He separated my thighs more and felt them round about. Indeed I don't know what he did, I was so stupefied, but I think he kissed it.

In the evening the sea calmed down and I felt much better.

He brought me a cup of coffee, which roused me up. He supported me with his arm while I was drinking and then stooped to kiss me. I could not refuse him my lips, he so kind.

In a few days I recovered from the effects of my sickness, and I began to feel at home in the vessel.

Hilda brought me about and showed me everything.

At the opposite side of the salon the Captain and the mate, Mr. Carle, occupied cabins corresponding to ours.

Mr. Carle was a young man, good-looking and very agreeable. He was most attentive to Hilda and did not mind me much. But the Captain was unremitting in his attentions to me. He got into the way of kissing me every night and used to squeeze my bottom when I passed near him.

With Hilda he was still more free, but then she was his niece.

In arranging my cabin I found there was a sliding panel between Hilda's cabin and mine which, when open, gave a full view either way.

The Captain generally kept the first night-watch and remained on deck until after twelve; then he would come down, take grog, and turn in.

One night I was awakened by talking in Hilda's cabin and I heard her say "Now behave yourself, I won't have you coming this way into my cabin at night. Ah, stop, I will call out, if you don't let me alone."

"Hildy, my pet, let me, just a moment."

"No, yon mustn't put your hand there - you mustn't raise my shift - you mustn't open my thighs. Oh, Uncle, do - take it away. You are a terrible man, why don't you go and fuck Kate? What would Carle say if he knew you did this to me?

I got up, opened the panel and peeped in. Her lamp was burning. I could see that he had drawn her to the edge of her berth, over which her naked bottom projected. Her legs were raised up and resting on his arms while his large prick was darting in and out of her open cunt. I could see that she was beginning to enjoy it for she wriggled her bum and threw her arms around his neck.

"Press it, dear Uncle! You make me like it in spite of myself."

At every thrust he banged against her rump, crying: "There, there, you have it all."

Before he left I heard him talking of me and telling her to show me some books and pictures.

The next day, coming suddenly out of my cabin I caught her sitting in Mr. Carle's lap. He had his arm round her and was kissing her. They started and blushed when they saw me and he got up and went on deck.

She then told me that they were engaged to be married at the end of the voyage. "And do you know, Kate, though I am fond of Carle I dread it."

"Why?", I asked.

"Oh, don't you know what a man does to a woman when they are in bed together?"

"No," I said, looking very innocent, "What?"

"Oh, you must know that he has something that he puts into her stomach."

"What is it like, Hilda? Tell me about it."

"It's a thing called a prick, eight or nine inches long, with a purple head. It hangs between his legs and when it stiffens he can push it into our slits, which are called cunts, you know. Then after working it in and out, something comes out, and it makes the child."

"How queer! Did you ever see it, Hilda?"

"I have often seen pictures of it. Uncle has curious books with pictures, that tell all about it. Would you like to see it? I was looking over his books and I came upon a secret drawer which was open, and there I found them; come, I'll show them to you."

We went into his cabin and on opening the drawer saw a number of books full of coloured pictures of the most lascivious evolutions of love.

There were naked men and naked women with their cunts and pricks and bottoms displayed in every kind of attitude and position. They were frigging, sucking and fucking in all varied positions.

There were some large French prints also. One depicted a beautiful girl with her bare shoulders and legs, seated on the lap of her lover. Between her voluptuous thighs her cunt is seen delightfully gorged with his standing prick. Her arms are round his neck and her face is turned up, beaming with the satisfaction she experiences in her well-filled cunt.

Another showed a fat nun with her frock up and her breasts bare, stretched on a couch before a large mirror; she had been working a dildoe, that is, an artificial prick, into her voluptuous cunt. She has obtained an emission and is now lying back in delicious languor, while two randy monks, peeping round the; curtain, and beholding the luscious scene reflected in the glass, have pulled out their pricks and contend who shall be the first into her lustful orifice.

Then there was a scene in a cafe in Paris: a number of naked men and women dancing together. As they circle round, their pricks and cunts are presented in most exciting points of view; one is pressing the soft buttocks of his partner, while she holds with loving grasp his standing prick. Another squeezes the breasts of his beloved, while she supports his pendant balls. Another couple falls, but they so manage that he falls between her extended thighs and his eager prick soon finds lodgement in her expectant cunt. Some are lying their partners, nothing loath, upon the surrounding couches and relieving their excitement by plunging into their melting cunts. While others again regale their senses of taste and smell between the voluptuous thighs of their delighted fair ones.

These pictures excited me greatly. I had never seen anything like them before. "Oh, Hilda," I muttered as I pressed together my thighs, while she pointed out each lascivious detail.

"But we must not remain here," she said. "Let us take some of these books into your cabin and there we can observe them at our leisure."

So, taking three, we shut the drawer and made off.

When we had comfortably settled ourselves on a little sofa at the side of my cabin, we opened the first. It contained a thrilling description of a doctor's exploits with a buxom young widow. How he gained her confidence and then excited her amorous feelings, until he succeeded in raising her snowy smock and in feasting his eyes on the ripe beauties of her voluptuous form. The next depicts her standing thus at his side with her splendid cunt protruding its full rounded lips from the midst of a thick covering of crisp curling hair, while the crimson line between gives promise of a warm reception to his prick.

He has put her hand on his standing prick, which she looks at with shy pleasure as she draws the skin down from its glowing red head.

In the next plate she is seen lying across his lap, her beautifully rounded bottom with its milk-white globes is turned up to meet his amorous gaze. He pats the cheeks and titillates the furrow between, while his prick is luxuriating in the soft folds of her melting cunt.

In another plate she is represented as astride of him, her bottom rubbing against his belly as he leans back. By the sweet suction of her mouth she has restored his prick to vigorous life, and, as it now stands up between her widely separated thighs, she presses it warmly against the lips of her longing cunt.

"How would you like to be in her place, Kate? And to feel a fine lusty prick pressing against your cunt and then pushing up into it filling you with rapture and delight?"

"I am sure it would be very pleasant if it were the prick of one I loved."

"No doubt that would vastly increase the pleasure; but don't you feel when your cunt gets excited that any prick, if it were in the right condition, would give you pleasure? How does your cunt feel now? Would you mind my putting my hand on it, Kate?"

"Not in the least, Hilda, if you want to."

"Lean back, dear, open your thighs. Might I see it?"

"I have no objection."

I now became aware that the sliding panel was slightly open and though I saw something like an eye peering through the slit, I pretended to take no notice. I replied: "You may, Hilda, provided you let me see yours afterwards."

She quickly raised my petticoats, uncovering all my belly and thighs right up before the panel, which was now opened a little further. She played with my hairy turf and praised its colour. Then, separating my legs as far as possible she drew the lips apart. "You have a sweet little cunt, Kate, with a wonderful clitoris, and a deep red recess. Oh, how hot it is inside! And how it sucks and presses my finger. If I only had a prick I would like to fuck you myself." She stooped and kissed the lips and sucked the clitoris. I then got up and made her display her secret charms before the panel, which made her blush for she well knew what was there.

She had a very pretty cunt, daintily fringed with light red hair and the inside hot and juicy.

That night the Captain changed watches with Mr. Carle and before he went to our cabins made us take some of his grog. Hilda took it very freely and made me stake more than I wished; in fact, when I stood up I felt quite giddy.

The Captain took me in his arms and made me sit on his knee. While I was warding off his kisses he slipped his hand under my dress and pushed it up between my thighs.

"Oh, Captain! Stop. Take your hand away - no, I won't allow it!"

"What is he doing?" Hilda asked, laughing.

"No matter, I won't allow it - stop! Oh, stop, how can you be so impudent?"

"Don't be angry, Kate, my pet. I won't harm you. Sure every pretty girl likes to have her cunt tickled. Doesn't she, Hilda?"

"Well, I don't, and I won't let you. Oh, Hilda, don't let him raise my dress - don't let him - you make me ashamed - how can you be so wicked?"

I was now stretched on my back and he over me holding my arms and stifling me with kisses.

"Hilda! What are you doing? don't let him push it in! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Hilda with her sly cunning had trapped me. It was she that opened the lips of my cunt, pushed in the head of his prick and then held it by the roots.

At each thrust he cried: "Sweet Katie - sweet pet - you have it now - in your delicious cunt - fuck - fuck - fuck! Hold my balls Hilda! Slap my arse, slap hard!"

At every smack she gave his bottom I felt his prick rush up with increased vigour into my cunt. I began to wriggle and heave.

"Ah, little one, you like it now- ah- oh, it comes -there -there it is."

He then put himself in order and hurried on deck to take his share of the night duty.

When I stood up I could hardly walk, so Hilda supported me into my cabin and helped me to undress.

When she had settled me in my berth she kissed me and wished me good night. I stopped her and said: "It was a shame, Hilda, to allow me to be so treated."

"Don't mind, dear," she replied, laughing. "You are nothing the worse. And if I am not much mistaken you will enjoy it better before you leave the ship. Good night."

Though I was tired yet I was too excited to be sleepy.

After a short time I heard someone open the door of Hilda's cabin.

"Oh, Carle, what do you want here at this time of the night?"

"I want you, my pet, I can't live without you."

"Sure you have me all day."

"But I want you all night, too."

"But that you can't have yet, you know."

"Why not, love, don't you trust me?"

"Wait until we are married, Carle. You will have enough of me then. Go away now, there's a dear fellow. There, you've kissed me enough already to serve for a month. Well, I will sit on your knee just for a moment, if you promise to go away at once. Ah, where is your hand stealing?"

"Let me, my pet, I am curious to know if you are as nice here as I expected."

"And if I am not, what then?"

"Well, let me try anyway - there - open."

"Will you swear on your soul that you will marry me at the end of this voyage?"

"I will, indeed, dearest, on my soul. Thanks Hilda. Now I love you more than ever because you have confidence in me. You are very nice indeed, my sweet pet, you have a darling little pussey. Oh, how soft and warm it is. Now put your hand here and you will find something that is just made for it. Move it up and down, my love, it is all your own. Feel how strong and hot it is; it's longing to make acquaintance with its friend here. Won't you let them kiss, just to touch those loving lips?"

"Ah, Carle, it's not kind of you; you know I am so fond of you! You won't hurt me?"

"Open your legs more - there - it's in - in your sweet cunt. Darling Hilda, don't you like to feel my prick there, fucking, fucking?"

"Yes, but push gently, there's a dear."

"My love - oh, my love! - How my prick loves to fuck your sweet cunt."

Then they went on hugging and kissing for ever so long. After a while I heard her asking questions about his prick and balls. "Now it is beginning to get large again. There, see how it has stiffened up. Would you like me to put it into my mouth and suck it?"

"Yes, my love, that would give me great pleasure. Thanks, darling Hilda, your mouth is almost equal to your cunt. That's delicious."

"But who can tell what queer places this has been in. How many girls have you had, Carle?"

"Ah, Hilda, don't be getting jealous. I have fucked, as you know, a good many girls. And if you are a wise little wife you won't object to my fucking a few more besides yourself, even after we are married. Now, let us make an agreement, love, which I am certain will tend to our mutual happiness. Give me perfect liberty and I will promise never to do anything without your knowledge and consent. I will give you the same liberty to have anyone you please and as often as you please, on the same conditions. I am satisfied we will love each other better and enjoy each other more than ever when we are not tied up exclusively to each other. Do you agree?"

"Well, Carle, I don't desire any liberty myself but if it will make you happier and cause you to love me more, I agree. But, remember, the condition must be carried out."

("Just a moment, Kate! Were they married afterwards, and did they follow that agreement?"

"They were, and the last time I met them, I thought I never saw a happier or more loving couple."

"Another word: what do you think of the arrangement yourself, Kate? I ask you because Mr. T- has proposed the same thing to myself, that is, if I marry him."

"Well, dear, it is hard to give an opinion. Most women like to have a man all to themselves and as a rule they are satisfied with one; but in cases where either party has led a free life before marriage, I can quite understand that such an arrangement would be expedient and wise. But you may have an opportunity of judging for yourself as your papa intends inviting them here as soon as Carle returns from his present voyage."

"Oh, that will be delightful. I am longing to see Hilda and we may have Mr. T- also, for he says he can't wait any longer for me and he has written to papa. But go on, dear Kate, and tell me what happened next.")

Just this: The following day Carle told the Captain of his engagement with his niece and that he had promised to marry her as soon as they arrived in port.

The Captain replied: "All right, old fellow, I congratulate you. She is a thorough good girl and will make a jolly wife. But you may have her at once so far as I am concerned, if you sign the marriage contract in my presence, which you know has legal force in Danish law."

Carle jumped at the idea. So the contract was drawn up and signed by Hilda and himself, the Captain and I adding our names as witnesses.

"Now," said the Captain, "I pronounce you man and wife together, etc. Have at her as soon as you like, my boy! And as we have witnessed the wedding it would be only fair that we should witness the bedding too."

Carle found her in his arms and placed her on his knee. The Captain caught hold of me and moving his leg under me, said: "Kate, you will have to be my niece now." And in spite of my struggles he forced his hand up between my legs.

Carle was not slow in following his example, and soon amidst many "Ah, Carle," "Stop Charlie" our cunts were taken in full possession of by exploring hands while two standing pricks boldly upreared their rosy tips.

Finding that they were bent on enjoying us openly, we saw no use in further resistance and so let them have their way.

The Captain smiled when he saw how skillfully and lovingly Hilda caressed Carle's noble tool, and under cover of a kiss placed my fingers on his own. "Now, Carle, lay her on the locker and don't spare her maiden-trap. Kate will guide the bird into the nest and I will look on, and see fair play and no favour."

Carle laid her back and tenderly lifting her dress uncovered her belly and thighs. Then raising her legs, he spread her thighs widely apart and paused to admire her cunt, fringed with golden hair, and cosily placed himself between her luxuriant thighs. He then leaned over her so as to place his prick upon its opened lips.

"Kate, now pop it in and hold it firmly."

I stooped forward and taking hold of Carle's bounding tool pushed its head into her soft recess. In doing so my bare bottom became exposed to the Captain's view.

He caught me round the hips and cried: "Oh, lovely arse!" He kissed it and I felt his warm pliant tongue playing in and about my cunt and penetrating my bottom-hole itself. Then quickly rising up he thrust his rampant prick into my cunt and fucked away all the while leaning over my back, watching Carle and crying out at every thrust: "That's the way, fellow! Send it home - rattle your bullocks against her arse! - fuck - fuck - fuck - ah, oh!" And we all fell together, our cunts overflowing with the discharge from their excited pricks.

After lying over her for a few moments Carle began to heave his bottom again and gave her the benefit of a second fuck, without taking out his prick.

This pleased the Captain greatly. He stooped over his niece and kissing her asked how she liked being fucked.

She smiled, and stretching out her hand took hold of his prick, now soft and hanging down.

Carle laughed to see her frigging her uncle's prick and went on slowly driving his own in and out of her cunt.

The Captain's prick began to stand; he pushed it towards her face. She drew it to her lips and calling me, raised my clothes and placed Carle's hand on my cunt, then looking up she said: "Now we are quits."

He kissed her and said: "Darling Hilda, you are the best and sweetest of wives, you will never regret it."

Then bending down he asked me to lean back and open my thighs. He kissed my cunt and sucked the clitoris all the while with a slow and measured stroke, fucking Hilda's cunt.

"What are you doing to Kate, Carle?"

"I am sucking her sweet cunt while I am flicking yours. And what are you doing to the Captain?"

"I am sucking his prick and squeezing yours in my cunt."

The Captain now heaved his great heavy bum and worked his prick in and out of her mouth, just as Carle with increasing vigour drove his prick in and out of her cunt. She heaved up and down, and in the height of her excitement, grasped one of the cheeks of my bottom and at every thrust of Carle's prick gave me such a squeeze that I could hardly suppress a shout.

But I felt nearly as excited as herself, for the action of Carle's lips and tongue in my cunt was almost as exciting as that of his prick in hers, while the view of his fine bottom rising and falling between her wide-spread thighs, and the Captain's tool darting in and out of her mouth, caused me fully to share in the general form of excitement.

The Captain feeling the tide of pleasure rising to the flood, cried: "Fuck her, Carle - fuck her cunt."

Carle replied: "Suck him, Hilda - suck his prick."

Whilst I, I pressed my cunt against Carle's mouth and spent on his tongue, called out the names - prick - cunt - arse - frigging - sucking - flicking - oh!

Carle went on deck and the Captain soon after tumbled into his berth. Hilda and I retired to our cabins and were soon fast asleep.

I need not tell you that after all reserve was laid aside amongst us we certainly enjoyed ourselves amazingly.

Carle and the Captain seemed to delight in fucking us turn and turn about, but everything was done openly and by general consent.

The books and pictures were freely used and we tried to act the scenes depicted or described.

The Captain would lay Hilda on her back across the table. Then, placing me over her so that her face was between my thighs while my feet rested on the floor, he would produce his prick, and Hilda looking up, would pop it into her cunt and hold it while he fucked.

Carle would beat the other side of the table between Hilda's uplifted thighs, while I, stooping forward, would take his prick and stick it into her open cunt and then handle his bottom and balls. The Captain leaning over my back would watch the operation with great interest, and, waiting until Carle's prick was all absorbed within the hairy lips, would cry:

"Now, old fellow, let us make a fair start! Draw out first, and when I say one, push."

"ONE."- The two bottoms heaved, driving the two pricks into the deep recesses of our cunts.

"TWO."- Another energetic shove, making our breasts and bellies rub together.

"THREE."- A vehement push; the Captain's belly smacked against my bottom, and Carle's balls banged against Hilda's rump.

"FOUR."- The two excited pricks rushed with delicious force into our throbbing cunts, making us bound to meet them.

"FIVE."- We felt the pricks rammed home, they seemed to reach our very hearts.

"SIX."- A flood of boiling seed burst into our cunts and filled our reservoirs so that they overflowed and the hot sperm poured out, saturating pricks, ballocks, and cunts in love's sweet juice.

The next time that Hilda and I were alone she pointed to some whipping scenes among the pictures and suggested that we should make a trial of the boasted efficacy of the birch rod in producing emotion.

"But where shall we get a rod on board ship?" I asked.

She at once replied: "Oh, I know where there is a broom without a handle. I can easily abstract some of the twigs and tie up a rod with enough for our purpose."

So, that evening, when I was in my nightdress, Hilda came into my cabin and showed me a rod which she had prepared and neatly tied with ribbon.

I was a little frightened at the sight of it and said: "Won't it hurt?"

"Oh, it may a little at first, but when one begins to get the feel, the pain will be turned into pleasure. However, begin with me, I am not afraid."

She then placed herself on the sofa with her naked bottom up, and making me tuck up my shift, she put her arm round my hip and told me to whip away.

I touched up her beautiful white posteriors while she played with my cunt. "You may hit harder than that, Kate," she said, wriggling her bottom about.

I began to enter into the sport and struck her so smartly that the cheeks of her bottom assumed a rosy hue like two blooming apples.

"Oh," she cried, as she rolled over, "my cunt is on fire - put your finger into it, Kate. How I would enjoy being fucked now. How I wish Carle was here."

"Well, you have your wish," he said, as he stepped in quite naked and holding in his hand his fine red-headed prick in stiff erection.

He seized her round the waist and making her stoop forward he plunged his prick into her cunt from behind.

"Stay a moment, Carle," she said. "Kate is to get her whipping now, and lest you should cover it with your hands let me tie them here."

And without asking my leave she secured my wrists and tied them firmly to the legs of the sofa, and then to keep my legs apart, she tied my ankles, too. I did not quite like my position but as I was helpless I only said:

"Remember, you must stop when I tell you."

Then she leaned forward and Carle introduced his prick into her cunt from behind.

They both laughed while she played away at my poor innocent bum. At first I tried to bear it as patiently as I could but Carle became more energetic in his strokes, and she imported more force to her blows. At last I said: "I say - Hilda - stop! Hilda, you wretch, what do you mean? You cruel girl, let me up, you are torturing me!"

My whole bottom felt in a flame. I made frantic efforts to release my hands and I began to sob. Just then she fell forward, and Carle pressing against her bottom discharged into her cunt. Then, coming to me, she untied my hands and laying her cheek against mine, said: "Forgive me, dear Kate, I was so excited. I am just burning!"

"Oh, Hilda, you cruel girl, how could you? Oh, I am hot; I am just burning!" "Where are you so hot, darling Kate?"

And I felt a hand slip up between my thighs and press the lips of my cunt. Looking up I saw the Captain's good-humoured cheery face.

"Never mind, Kate, we will punish her for this. Let me give you what relief I can."

Then, gently separating my thighs he pushed in his prick while Hilda kissed away my tears. The soft head of his prick had a most soothing effect on the terribly excited folds of my cunt and as it gradually passed up I forgot the pain of the whipping in the intensely amorous excitement I now experienced. I never felt anything more delicious than the sweet friction of the Captain's cock in my fevered cunt; it made every nerve thrill again with pleasure.

"Does not that repay you?" Hilda whispered.

"Oh, yes," I replied. "Push it in; drive it home, fuck me - fuck me. Oh, fuck - fuck-fuck!"

The Captain now declared that Hilda ought to be well whipped for her cruel treatment of my poor bottom.

"Very well," said Carle, "but as I am the real offender I will bear it in her place."

So putting the rod into my hand he leaned over the berth and stuck out his great fleshy rump, while Hilda sat below him, holding his prick and sucking it in her mouth.

"Now, Kate," said the Captain, "lay it on strongly; don't spare his impudent backside, hit him, hit him hard! Don't mind, he used to be flogged every day at school!"

I whipped away and soon his bottom began to glow, his balls were tightened up and his prick swelled and stiffened. He heaved gently so as to work it in and out of her mouth and then with a tremendous "Oh!" he spurted his seed down her throat.

Now, sweet May, that must do for the present. Good night, my love, good night.