The Works of J. W. von Goethe/Volume 9/May Song ("How gloriously gleameth all nature to me!")


How gloriously gleameth
All nature to me!
How bright the sun beameth,
How fresh is the lea!

White blossoms are bursting
The thickets among,
And all the gay greenwood
Is ringing with song!

There's radiance and rapture
That nought can destroy,
O earth, in thy sunshine,
O heart, in thy joy!

O love! thou enchanter,
So golden and bright—
Like the red clouds of morning
That rest on yon height;—

It is thou that art clothing
The fields and the bowers,
And everywhere breathing
The incense of flowers!

O maiden! dear maiden!
How well I love thee—
Thine eye, how it kindles
In answer to me!

Oh! well the lark loveth
Its song 'midst the blue;
Oh, gladly the flowerets
Expand to the dew.

And so do I love thee;
For all that is best,
I draw from thy beauty
To gladden my breast!

And all my heart's music
Is thrilling for thee!
Be evermore blest, love,
And loving to me!