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BURNETT, Mrs. Frances, née Hodgson, born at Manchester, England, Nov. 24, 1849. There she passed the first fifteen years of her life, acquired her education, and gained her knowledge of the Lancashire dialect and character. At the close of the American Civil War reverses of fortune led her parents to leave England for America, where they settled at Knoxville, Tennessee. She has contributed several love-stories to American magazines. In 1872 her dialect story, "Surly Tim's Trouble," was published in Scribner's Monthly (now The Century), and in book form in 1877. "That Lass o' Lowrie's" was first presented, serially, in Scribner, and its remarkable popularity demanded its immediate separate issue, 1877. In 1878–79 some of her earlier magazine stories were reprinted, viz., "Kathleen Mavourneen," "Lindsay's Luck," "Miss Crespigny," "Pretty Polly Pemberton," and "Theo." Since then she has published three new stories, "Haworth's," 1879; "Louisiana," 1880; "A Fair Barbarian," 1881; and a fourth, now running in The Century, "Through One Administration," will appear shortly. Miss Hodgson was married in 1873 to Dr. Burnett, and she now resides at Washington, D.C.