Merry fairs of Falkirk/Johnny Bluster's wife

Merry fairs of Falkirk  (1813-1820) 
Johnny Bluster's wife

Dated from the Scottish Book Trade Index.

Johnny Bluster’s Wife

Tune-Willie Castle dwalt on Tweed.

Johnny Bluster dwalt on Tweed
The place they ca'd (illegible text)tony;
Johnny was a jailer gude,
Nane could wield (illegible text) like Johnny,
Lizie Painck was Johnny's wife,
An' fi(illegible text)y Mary was her mother;
Sic a wife as Johnny had,
I wadna g'e a button for her.

Johnny was ance half in love,
His fancy was by beauty haunted;
Heaven shone in Johnny's e'e—
But as the heaven Johnny wanted:
For Johnny courted Lizie Painck,
'Cause Lizie Painck she had the siller,
Sic a wife as Lizie Painck,
I wadna gi'e a button for her.

Lizie's face was like the moon,
Her shoulder's maik as broad as Samson's;
Her very picture's like the figu
That hings aboun auld Robin Samson's.
But de'i a prin does Johnny care,
Were Lizie like the witch of Endor;
Johnny sittens on her gear-
He wadna gi'e a button for her.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.