Message to Francis B. Sayre of July 23, 1926

Sukhodaya Palace

July 23rd, 1926

Dear Dr. Sayre,

I am sending you with this letter a Memorandum on some of the Problems of Siam with a questionnaire for your consideration. I am afraid I have written it in rather a hurry, so that I could send it to you before our conversation to-morrow. We will have a preliminary talk to-morrow when we can discuss those questions more fully. I should like to have your answer in writing when you have considered them fully.

This Memorandum by no means exhausts all the problem of the country. I have only treated of those that I think important. If you have any other opinions beside the question touched upon, they will be very welcome.

I hope that they are making you comfortable at the Phya Thai Hotel.

Your sincerely.

(M.H.) Prajadhipok.R.