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Books Printed by and for J. Watts; and Sold by him at the Printing-Office in Wild-Court near Lincoln's-Inn Fields: And by B. Dod at the Bible and Key in Ave-Mary-Lane near Stationers-Hall.

Just Published, [Price bound Three Shillings.]
Very Beautifully Printed in one Volume in Traveloes.

SERMONS upon several Practical Subjects. By the late Reverend EDWARD LITTLETON, L. L. D. Fellow of Eton College, and Vicar of Maplederham, Oxon.; and late Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty. The Third Edition; To this Edition is prefix'd an Account of the Author, in which are inserted some Copies of Verses written by him when at Cambridge.

  • Serm. 1: The Duty of Rejoicing for good Times: Upon Eccles. vii. 14.
  • 2. Self-Love the best Motive to Religion. Psalm xix. 11.
  • 3. The separate Interests of this World and the next reconciled. Col. iii. 2.
  • 4. The Necessity of well Husbanding our Time. Psalm xc. 12.
  • 5. The One thing needful. Luke x. 41, 42.
  • 6. Mysteries no real Objection to the Truth of Christianity. Deut. xxix. 29.
  • 7. All Words to be accounted for at the Day of Judgment. Matt. xii. 36, 37.
  • 8. The Duty of continual Watching. Mark xiii. 37.
  • 9. The true Nature and End of Fasting. Matt. ix. 15.
  • 10. A Man's Christian Name his best Title. 1 Cor. i. 1.
  • 11. We must not judge others by what they suffer. Luke xiii. 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • 12. A Posthumous Fame not worth the seeking. Gen. v. 25, 26, 27.
  • 13. The Folly of Hypocrisy in this World. Job viii. 13.
  • 14. The miserable Portion of Hypocrites in the next World. Job xxvii. 8.
  • 15. All common Forms of Swearing forbidden. Matthew v. 34, 35, 36.
  • 16. We are to prove, and then hold fast that which is good. John i. 46.
  • 17. Our Father which art in Heaven. Matt. vi. 9.
  • 18. Hallowed by thy Name. Matt. vi. 9.
  • 19. Thy kingdom come. Matt. vi. 10.
  • 20. On Matt. vi. 10. Continued.
  • 21. Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Matt. vi. 10.
  • 22. Give us this Day our daily Bread. Matt. vi. 11.
  • 23. And forgive us our Debts, as we forgive our Debtors. Matt. vi. 12.
  • 24. And lead us not into Temptation, but deliver us from Evil. Matt. vi. 13.

N. B. There are a few remaining of the Octavo Edition, Printed on a large Character in two Volumes.

Just Publish'd in Octavo, Price 1 s. 6 d.
(By the Right Reverend ZACHARY, Lord Bishop of Bangor)
The Fifth Edition of
The MIRACLES of JESUS Vindicated: In Four Parts.

Part I. containing, The Proofs of JESUS's RESURRECTION stated, and the Objections to it answer'd.

Part II. containing, A Defence of the Literal Story of JESUS's driving the BUYERS and SELLERS out of the TEMPLE; and Suffering the DEVILS to enter into the Herd of SWINE.

Part III. containing, a Defence of the Literal Story of JESUS's causing the BARREN FIG-TREE to Wither away, and His turning WATER into WINE.

Part IV. containing, A Defence of the Literal Story of JESUS's healing the INFIRM MAN at the POOL of BETHESDA; and his healing the LARALYTICK, who was let down thro' the ROOF.

Lately Published in Octavo, Price 3 s.

A DISSERTATION on PROPHECY, wherein the Coherence and Connexion of the Prophecies in both the Old and New Testament are fully considered: Together with an Explanation of the REVELATION of St. JOHN. By the Right Reverend ROBERT Lord Bishop of CLOGHER. To which is added, A NARRATIVE of the Proceedings of a Great Council of JEWS, assembled in the Plain of Ageda in Hungary, about thirty Leagues from Buda, to examing the Scriptures concerning CHRIST, on the Twelfth.

Lately Published, (Price One Shilling.)
The THIRD EDITION, Beautifully Printed in Octavo,
Dedicated to Her Highness the LADY AUGUSTA.

The LADY's PRECEPTOR: Or, A Letter to a Young Lady of Distinction upon POLITENESS. Taken from the French of the Abbè D'Ancourt, and adapted to the Religion, Customs, and Manners of the English Nation. By a Gentleman of Cambridge.

With all that Earth or Heav'n could bestow,
To make her amiable:——On she came,
Grace was in all her Steps, Heav'n in her Eye,

In every Gesture Dignity and Love. Milton


  • Of Politenes in general.
  • Of Politeness in Religion, and against Superstition.
  • Of Devotion.
  • Of Behaviour at Church.
  • Of the Duties and Decorums of Civil Life.
  • Of Behaviour to our Superiors.
  • Of Conversation.
  • Of Complaisance.
  • Of Flattery and Servility.
  • Of Appearing Absent in Company.
  • Of Contradiction.
  • Of Calumny and Detraction.
  • Of Vain-Glory.
  • Of Prejudice.
  • Of being too Inquisitive.
  • Of Whispering and Laughing in Company.
  • Of Applauding and Censuring People rashly.
  • Of Mimicking others.
  • Of being Blind to what gives us Offence.
  • Of Gallantry from the Men.
  • Of Friendship with Men.
  • Of Love.
  • Of Matrimony.
  • Of Duty to Parents.
  • Of Pride and Condescension.
  • Of True and False Nobility.
  • Of Self-Conceit and Love of Vanity.
  • Of Humility and Pride.
  • Of Going to Court, and Courtiers.
  • Of Insincerity.
  • Of Friendship.
  • Of Doing Good Offices.
  • Of Anger and Resentment.
  • Of Gentleness and Modesty.
  • Of Keeping and Imparting Secrets.
  • Of Receiving and Paying Visits.
  • Of Egotism.
  • Of the Imitation of others.
  • Of Compliments and Ceremony.
  • Of Asking Questions.
  • Of Talking before Servants.
  • Of Behaviour towards rude young Fellows.
  • Of Ridicule.
  • Of Politicks.
  • Of Trusting to Appearances and Reports.
  • Of Hope and Belief.
  • Of Idleness.
  • Of Appearing often in Publick Places.
  • Of Houswifry.
  • Of Frugality and Covetousness.
  • Of the Learning proper to a young Lady.
  • Of Letter-Writing.
  • Of the Choice and Entertainment of Books.
  • Of Dress.
  • Of Behaviour at Table.
  • Of Behaviour at Asssmblies, Operas, and Plays.
  • Of Gaming.
  • Of Self-Conversation.
  • Of Good nature and Charity.

Just Published in One Volume in Twelves,
Illustrated with 197 Cuts, the Fifth Edition of

Dr. CROXALL's Fables of Æsop and OTHERS, newly done into English. With an Application to each Fable.

——garrit aniles

Ex re Fabellas——Hor.

The SIXTH EDITION, Printed in Octavo, of

Mr. GAY's Fifty One NEW FABLES in Verse. (Invented for the Amusement of His Highness WILLIAM Duke of Cumberland); With Fifty One Cuts, Design'd by Mr. Kent and Mr. Wooton, and Engraved by Mr. Baron, Mr. Vandergucht, and Mr. Fourdrinier.