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Montreal Circus, Mr. Codet's Benefit



Mr. Codet's Benefit;

Mr. CODET respectfully informs the Citizens of Montreal and its vicinity, that he feels grateful for the frequent applause bestowed on him for his exertions, to gratify and please them at the Circus; he also informs them, that his benefit is fixed for Monday Evening next, when his friends and the Public are respectfully invited to attend; he assures them that his exertions sall not be relaxed, and hopes at that time to give general satisfaction.

Grand and Brilliant Representation, composed of Feats of Horsemanship, & a Grand display of FIRE WORKS.

On Monday Evening, March 9, 1812.

To commence with the Military Manœuvres; By Eight Riders.

Masters Duffee and Tatnal will execute several feats of Horsemanship, &c, &c.
Mr. MENIAL in the character pf a Clown, will perform feats of Horsemanship, Buffonery, &c.
Mr. Steward will signalize himself by many feats of Horsemanship, Vaulting, & Agility.
The Celebrated African will perform Feats of Horsemanship, and Dance a Hornpipe—his horse in full Speed.
Madam REDON will on one Horse, execute a great number of Feats of Horsemanship, &c, &c.
Mr. CODET anxious to give general satisfaction to those who will honor him wih their presence, will exert all in his power to please, after many feats of Horsemanship, he will leap over four Boards separated and together, and will terminate by throwing a back somersett from his Horse, and firing a pair of pistols his Horse in full speed—which was never attempted by any other person but himself.
Master Duffee will introduce the horse Colin, who will set and lay in different attitudes, and also partake a collation with his master.
Mr. Codet will execute the elegant Exercises on the
He will perform several difficult Feats, to numerous to be mentioned.


Mr. Manfredy will do his utmost to give entire satisfaction to the audience by performing a variety of his most tasty Feats.

The Ground and Lofty Tumbling;

Will be executed by Messrs. Menial, Codet, Duffee and Tatnal.

Grand and Briliant Display of


Composed and arranged by Mr. CODET.

1st.—The Wheel of St. Catherine, which will appear and disappear and change to different forms and colours.
2d.—The Lady's Caprice, which will astonish the Spectators by throwing a quantity of Fire in the air.
3d.—A large Sun, which will change its forms and be metamorphosed into a Star.
4th.—The Grand Calipers, that will open and shut, and will Represent the Figure EIGHT.
5th.—And last, the Grand Combat between the SUN and MOON, this beautiful piece of Fire Work will supprise the audience by its taking several Forms and many different Colours.

Tickets to be had at Messrs. Cunningham & Co's Book-Store, and at the Circus Office.

This work was published before January 1, 1924, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.