More Celtic Fairy Tales/Advertisement


ENGLISH FAIRY TALES. Collected by Joseph Jacobs. Illustrated by J. D. Batten. Small demy 8vo, pp. xvi-253, 8 full-page and 60 smaller Illustrations, fancy cloth, price 6s.

This new and charmingly illustrated volume.—Daily Telegraph (Leader).

As a collection of fairy tales to delight children of all ages ranks second to none.—Daily Graphic (with illustrations).

A delight alike to the young people and their elders.—Globe.

Prettily and brightly adapted.—Star.

A most delightful volume of fairy tales.—England.

A number of charming English fairy tales.—Speaker.

Mr. Jacobs may be congratulated alike on the matter and form of his book.—Manchester Guardian.

A more desirable child's book . . . . has not been seen for many a day.—Daily News (Leader).

From first to last, almost without exception, these stories are delightful.—Athenæum.

The most delightful book of fairy tales, taking form and contents together, ever presented to children.—E. S. Hartland, in Folk-Lore.

The whole collection is dramatic and humorous. . . . This delightful book. . . .Miss Thackeray, in Atalanta (with illustrations).

A gift-book that will charm any child, and all older folk who have been fortunate enough to retain their taste for the old nursery stories.—Literary World.

A dainty and an interesting volume.—Notes and Queries.

If we were asked what present would make a child happiest at Christmastide we think we could with a clear conscience point to Mr. Jacobs' book.—Gloucester Journal.

The most delightful book of its kind that has come in our way for many a day.—Oban Times.

Brimful of pretty stories. . . . Retold in a truly delightful manner.—North-Western Gazette.

The tales are simply delightful. No amount of description can do them justice. The only way is to read the book through from cover to cover.—Magazine and Book Review.

The drawings by Mr. Batten . . . . are extremely clever, and are full of humour and imagination.—Leeds Mercury.

Several charming stories that may be claimed as new acquaintances. . . . Mr. Batten's illustrations are excellent.—The World.

The book is intended to correspond to "Grimm's Fairy Tales," and it must be allowed that its pages fairly rival in interest those of the well-known repository of folk-lore.—Sydney Morning Herald (N.S.W.).

Nothing could be more fascinating; it is indeed two delicious books rolled into one.—Review of Reviews (with illustrations).

A really valuable and curious selection which will be welcomed by readers of all ages. . . . The illustrations by Mr. Batten are often clever and irresistibly humorous.—Times.

CELTIC FAIRY TALES. Edited by Joseph Jacobs, and Illustrated by J. D. Batten. Sm. demy 8vo, pp. xvi-267, with 8 full-page Illustrations and numerous Vignettes, Tailpieces, Initials, &c. 6s.

Mr. Joseph Jacobs' book of "Celtic Fairy Tales " is, like his last year's collection of "English Fairy Tales," one of the best books of stories ever put together, whether for a young reader or an old.—Scotsman.

The volume is illustrated by Mr. John D. Batten, whose work merits the very highest praise. The humorous sketches are admirable.—Glasgow Herald.

Humour and seriousness are delightfully mingled in these tales from many sources.—Leeds Mercury.

An admirable selection of Celtic Fairy Tales, edited with considerable erudition. The illustrations are graceful and suggestive.—Freeman's Journal.

Delightful stories, exquisite illustrations by John D. Batten, and learned notes.—Ariel.

Mr. Batten's illustrations are quite charming. Neither Tenniel nor C. H. Bennett have done anything better.—Bookseller.

This is not the first volume of exquisite fairy tales which Mr. Jacobs has given the young ones.—Newcastle Daily Chronicle.

A stock of delightful little narratives gathered chiefly from the Celtic-speaking peasants of Ireland.—Daily Telegraph.

A charming volume, skilfully illustrated.—Daily Chronicle.

A perfectly lovely book. And oh! the wonderful pictures inside. Get this bo if you can; it is capital, all through.—Pall Mall Budget.

INDIAN FAIRY TALES. Edited by Joseph Jacobs, and Illustrated by J. D. Batten. Sm. demy 8vo, pp. xvi-253, with 9 full-page and numerous Vignettes, Tail-pieces, Initials, &c.

The book is good both for the schoolroom and the study.—Daily News (Leader).

Mr. Jacobs' ably edited "Indian Fairy Tales" is a bright example of almost all that a fairy-book should be.—Daily Chronicle.

If I were asked to select a child's library I should name these three volumes ['English,' 'Celtic,' and 'Indian Fairy Tales'], with Grimm, Hans Andersen, and one or two good volumes of poetry.—Irish Daily Independent.

We are absolutely sure (which we scarcely ever are) that this book is a most pleasing volume.—Saturday Review.

The form in which they are presented is admirable, and nothing could be better in their way than Mr. Batten's designs to illustrate them.—North British Daily Mail.

Mr. Jacobs brings home to us in a clear and intelligible manner the enormous influence which Indian Fairy Tales have had upon European literature of the kind.—Gloucester Journal.

Mr. Jacobs is a delightful companion into a land of enchantment, and his successive books are treasures.—Notes and Queries.

The present combination will be welcomed not alone by the little ones for whom it is specially combined, but also by children of larger growth and added years.—Daily Telegraph.