Moule, Thomas (DNB00)

MOULE, THOMAS (1784–1851), writer on heraldry and antiquities, born 14 Jan. 1784 in the parish of St. Marylebone, London, carried on business as a bookseller in Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, from about 1816 till about 1823, and he was subsequently a clerk in the General Post Office, where he was inspector of 'blind' letters, his principal duty being to decipher such addresses as were illegible to the ordinary clerks. He retired after forty-four years' service in consequence of failing health. He also held for many years the office of chamber-keeper in the lord chamberlain's department, and this gave him an official residence in the Stable Yard, St. James's Palace, where he died on 14 Jan. 1851, leaving a widow and an only daughter, who had materially assisted him in his literary pursuits.

Moule was a member of the Numismatic Society, and contributed some papers to the 'Numismatic Chronicle.' His principal works are: 1. 'A Table of Dates for the use of Genealogists and Antiquaries' (anon.), 1820. 2. 'Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnæ Britanniæ. An Analytical Catalogue of Books in Genealogy, Heraldry, Nobility, Knighthood, and Ceremonies; with a List of Provincial Visitations . . . and other Manuscripts; and a Supplement enumerating the principal Foreign Genealogical Works,' Lond. 1822, 4to, with portrait of William Camden. In the British Museum there is a copy of this accurate and valuable work, interleaved with copious manuscript corrections and additions, and an additional volume of further corrections, &c., 3 vols. 4to. 3. 'Antiquities in Westminster Abbey, illustrated by twelve plates, from drawings by G. P. Harding,' Lond. 1825, 4to. 4. ' An Essay on the Roman Villas of the Augustan Age, their architectural disposition and enrichments, and on the Remains of Roman Domestic Edifices discovered in Great Britain,' Lond. 1833, 8vo. 5. ' English Counties delineated; or a Topographical Description of England. Illustrated by a Map of London and a complete Series of County Maps,' 2 vols. Lond. 1837, 4to; new title 1839. Moule personally visited every county in England excepting Devon and Cornwall. 6. 'Heraldry of Fish, Notices of the principal families bearing Fish in their Arms,' Lond. 1842, 8vo, with beautiful woodcuts, from drawings made by his daughter. He had formed a similar collection on the heraldry of trees and birds, the manuscript of which was sold with Sir Thomas Phillipps's collection on 21 June 1893. Moule also contributed the letter-press to the following illustrated books:

  1. Hewetson's 'Views of Noble Mansions in Hampshire,' 1825.
  2. Neale and Le Keux's 'Views of Collegiate and Parochial Churches in Great Britain,' 1826.
  3. Westall's 'Great Britain Illustrated,' 1830.
  4. 'The History of Hatfield' in Robinson's 'Vitruvius Britannicus,' 1833.
  5. 'Illustrations of the Works of Sir Walter Scott,' 1834, the following essays being by him: (a) Hall at Branxholm; (b) Lord Marmion's Armour; (c) Ellen Douglas and Fitz-James; (d) The Knight of Snowdoun; (e) The Tomb of Rokeby; (f) The Bier of De Argentine; (g) Ancient Furniture.
  6. Descriptions of seven of the principal cathedrals included in vol. i. of Winkles's 'Cathedral Churches of England and Wales,' 1836, and the descriptions of the cathedrals of Amiens, Paris, and Chartres in the 'Continental Cathedrals' of the same artist.
  7. Shaw's 'Details of Elizabethan Architecture,' 1839.
  8. Descriptions of the arms and inscriptions in Ludlow Castle, in 'Documents connected with the History of Ludlow and the Lords Marchers,' by Robert Henry Clive, 1840.
  9. G. P. Harding's 'Ancient Historical Pictures,' in continuation of the series engraved by the Granger Society.

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