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MUMMERY, ALBERT FREDERICK (1855–1895), political economist and Alpine climber, born on 10 Sept. 1855 at Maison-Dieu, Dover, was son of William Rigden Mummery of Dover. His business was that of a tanner at Dover and Canterbury in partnership with his brother. Being a man of means he devoted his leisure to economic studies and to mountaineering. In 1889, in conjunction with Mr. J. A. Hobson, he published ‘The Physiology of Industry’ (London, 8vo), a criticism of several current economic theories. He was a well-known climber both in the Alps and in the Caucasus, and in 1895 he published ‘My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus’ (London, 8vo), a work of great merit. In 1895 he was mountaineering in the Nanga Parbat group of the Kashmir Himalayas. He was last seen on 23 Aug., and it is believed that he was overwhelmed by an avalanche while traversing a snow pass.

[Alpine Journal, November 1895; information kindly given by Mrs. A. F. Mummery.]

E. I. C.