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New England and the Bavarian Illuminati


The Undermining of Puritan Standards and Institutions
  • 1. Rapid Disintegration of Puritanism after the Revolution
  • 2. Ominous Discontent with the Standing Order
  • 3. Alarms due to the Spread of Religious Radicalism and Scepticism
Political Entanglements and Hysteria
  • 1. The Situation prior to 1798
  • 2. The Situation from 1798 to 1800
The European Order of the Illuminati
  • 1. The Rise and the Disappearance of the Order
  • 2. The Legend of the Order and its Literary Communication to New England
The Illuminati Agitation in New England
  • 1. Morse Precipitates the Controversy
  • 2. Inconclusive Developments of Morse's Second Formal Deliverance
  • 3. Morse Submits his Inept Documentary Evidence
  • 4. Freemasonry's Embarrassment and Protest
  • 5. Attempts of Democrats to Fix the Countercharge of Illuminism upon the Federalists

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