New York Times/1930/Schneider Gains St. Louis

Schneider Gains St. Louis  (1930) 

Eddie August Schneider as the subject of an article written by the Associated Press and published in the New York Times on August 16, 1930.

Schneider Gains St. Louis. St. Louis, Missouri; August 15, 1930 (Associated Press) Eddie Schneider who is attempting to set a new junior transcontinental air record, landed at Lambert - St. Louis Field at 7:04 P.M., Central Standard Time, today from Columbus, Ohio. Schneider reported that the trip was uneventful. He left there at 3:21 P.M. Schneider's flying time since leaving Westfield, New Jersey has been 8 hours and 38 minutes, The youthful airman said he would spend the night here, probably leaving for Wichita, Kansas, tomorrow morning.

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