New York Times/1930/Seeks Title on Coast Hop

Seeks Title on Coast Hop  (1930) 

Seeks Title on Coast Hop. Jersey Boy, 18, Plans Start Tomorrow, Attempting Speed Record. Westfield, New Jersey; August 11, 1930. (Associated Press) Weather permitting, Eddie Schneider, 18-year-old, Jersey City high school graduate, will take off from the Westfield Airport here at daybreak Wednesday in an effort to break the junior transcontinental speed record set two months ago by the late Frank Goldsborough. Schneider who decided today to make the attempt this week, will pilot a Cessna monoplane, powered with a 110-horse power motor, bought for him by a syndicate headed by his father, Emil A. Schneider. Only adverse weather conditions will delay the start of the flight, the youth said. He is considered an expert flier, having 275 flying hours to his credit. He plans to fly to Columbus, Ohio, and from there to St. Louis and spend the first night in Wichita, Kansas. He also plans to stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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