Nicaraguan Biographies

Nicaraguan Biographies: A Resource Book  (1988) 
United States Department of State • Office of Public Affairs

Capsule biographies of Nicaraguans. Published in early 1988.

Triple slashes (///) denote known gaps in the OCR text, triple Spanish question marks (¿¿¿) denote possible gaps. Page 82 missing. Photographs and charts currently unavailable. Original text employed a three-column layout, and other formatting lost in OCR (such as paragraph breaks and italics) needs to be proofed.

Nicaraguan Biographies:

A Resource Book

Introduction, Methodology, and Summary 1
The Sandinista Regime 12
Heroes 12
Inner Circle 15
Cadre 22
Friends 33
The Nicaraguan Resistance 35
Heroes 35
Leaders 38
Fighters 44
Activists 58
The Society 65
Human Rights 65
Religion and Culture 71
Business and Labor 76
Politics 80
History 85
Resistance Military Command Structure 88
Glossary 92
Name Index 96
Nicaragua: Departments and Major Cities Inside Cover
Sandinista Military Regions and Facilities 27
Route 5 from Matagalpa to Siuna:
   Military Installations and Agricultural Centers
Resistance Activities and
   Forced Removal of Population by Regime
Totalitarian Controls 17
Resistance Organization 41
Resistance Military Organization 45
Background of Senior Resistance Leaders 91

Cover photo: Resistance fighters in northern Nicaragua, July 1985.
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