Northall, John (DNB00)

NORTHALL, JOHN (1723?–1759), captain in the royal artillery, entered the service as a gentleman-cadet in the royal regiment of artillery on 1 July 1741, and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant fireworker on 1 April 1742. He served under Colonel Thomas Pattison, R.A., with the royal artillery in Flanders in 1742, and was promoted second lieutenant on 1 April 1744. He was present at the battle of Fontenoy on 11 May 1745, and became first lieutenant on 3 Oct. 1745, captain-lieutenant 24 March 1752, and captain 1 Oct. 1755. In February 1752 he went to Minorca, and thence embarked for Leghorn. Instead of making the usual tour of Italy, he first visited the principal cities of Tuscany, and, after a cursory visit to Rome, went to Naples. Then, after a more lengthened stay in Rome, he went to Loretto, Bologna, Venice, Mantua, Parma, Modena, and returned to Leghorn, whence he sailed for Genoa. From Genoa he went by sea to Villafranca, and on by land to Marseilles. He died in 1759. A posthumous account of his Italian tour was published in July 1766: ‘Travels through Italy; containing new and curious Observations on that Country. … With the most authentic Account yet published of capital Pieces in Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture that are to be seen in Italy, &c.,’ London, 1766, 8vo.

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