Notice of the discovery of a Poecilopod in the Utica slate formation

2. Notice of the discovery of a Pœcilopod in the Utica slate formation.—Through the courtesy of my friend, Rev. William N. Cleveland, of Holland Patent, Oneida County, New York, I am able to call attention to the discovery of the remains of a large Pœcilopod in the Utica slate, north of that village. The remains consist of a large endognathary arm of seven or nine joints, provided with long backward curving sabre-like spines, and a portion of a thoracic somite, probably one-half of the ventral surface of the anterior somite. For this species I propose the name Eurypterus? Clevelandi, n. sp., and will give a detailed description with figures of the specimens, in a future number of the Journal.


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