Nyndge, Alexander (DNB00)

NYNDGE, ALEXANDER (fl. 1573), demoniac, was apparently son of William Nyndge, and brother of Sir Thomas Nyndge, of Herringswell, Suffolk, where he was born about 1555–1557. Between January and July 1573 he was the subject of epileptic or hysterical attacks, and a narrative of his behaviour, which was attributed to demoniacal possession, was published, with curious woodcuts, by his brother and eye-witnesses. The title runs: ‘A Booke Declaringe the Fearfull Vexasion of one Alexander Nyndge: Beynge moste Horriblye Tormented wyth an euyll Spirit. The xx. daie of Januarie. In the yere of our Lorde 1573. At Lyeringswell in Suffolke. Imprinted at London in Fleetestreate, beneath the Conduite, at the Sygne of St. Jhon Euangelyste by Thomas Colwell, b.l., no date.’ It was reprinted as ‘A Trve and Fearefvll Vexation of one Alexander Nyndge: Being most Horribly Tormented with the Deuill, from the 20 day of January to the 23 of July. At Lyeringswell in Suffocke: with his Prayer after his Deliuerance. Written by His Owne Brother, Edward Nyndge, Master of Arts, with the Names of the Witnesses that were at his Vexation. Imprinted at London for W. B. and are to bee sold by Edward Wright at Christ-Church Gate, 1615.’

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