Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/O'Meara, Kathleen

O'MEARA, KATHLEEN (1839–1888), biographer and novelist, eldest surviving daughter of Dennis O'Meara of Tipperary, the son of Barry Edward O'Meara [q. v.], was born in Dublin in 1839. She accompanied her parents to Paris at an early age, and it is doubtful whether she afterwards visited her native land. She adopted the literary profession, and, under the pseudonym of 'Grace Ramsay,' became well known as a writer of works of fiction, which were remarkable for purity of tone, delicacy of feeling, and sympathetic language. Her biographical works also won her a high reputation. For many years she was the Paris correspondent of the 'Tablet' newspaper. She died in Paris on 10 Nov. 1888.

Among her works of fiction are: 1. 'A Woman's Trials,' a novel, 3 vols. London, 1867, 8vo. 2. 'Iza's Story,' 3 vols. London, 1869, 8vo, reprinted under the title of 'Iza: a Story of Life in Russian Poland,' London, 1877, 8vo. 3. 'The Battle of Connemara,' London, 1878, 8vo.

  • 'Are you my Wife? a novel,' 3 vols. London, 1878, 8vo.
  • 'The Old House in Picardy,' a novel, London, 1887, 8vo.
  • 'Narka,' a novel, 2 vols. London, 1888, 8vo.

    Her biographical works are:

    1. 'Frederick Ozanam, Professor at the Sorbonne, his Life and Works,' Edinburgh, 1876, 8vo.
    2. 'One of God's Heroines : a Biographical Sket4;h of Mother Mary Teresa Kelly, New York, 1878, 16mo.
    3. 'The Bells of the Sanctuary : Mary Benedicta, Agnes, Alice, One of God's Heroines, Monseigneur Darboy,' London, 1879, 8vo. Some of these biographies had previously been published separately.
    4. 'Henri Perreyve, and his Counsels to the Sick,' being a translation of Perreyve's 'Journée des Malades,' with a sketch of his life prefixed, London, 1881, 8vo.
    5. 'Madame Mohl, her Salon and her Friends. A Study of Social Life in Paris,' London, 1885, 8vo ; another edition. Boston, Massachusetts, 1886, 8vo; translated into French, Paris [1886], 12mo.
    6. 'Queen by Right Divine, and other Tales, being the second series of '"Bells of the Sanctuary,"' London, 1885, 8vo.
    7. 'Thomas Grant, First Bishop of Southwark,' London, 1874, 8vo : 2nd edit., with a preface by Dr. William Bernard Ullathorne, bishop of Birmingham, London, 1886, 8vo.
    8. 'The Blind Apostle (Gaston de Ségur), and a Heroine of Charity (Madame Legras), being the third series of "Bells of the Sanctuary,"' with an introduction by Cardinal Manning, London, 1890, 8vo.
    9. 'The Venerable Jean Baptiste Vianney, Curé d'Ars,' a biography, London, 1891, 8vo.

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    T. C.