Hymns for the Coronation of His Majesty King Edward VII/O King of Kings

No. 6.

O King of Kings.

No. 6.

Music by Sir George Elvey, Mus. Doc.

<< \override Score.TimeSignature #'stencil = ##f \override Score.BarNumber #'break-visibility = #'#(#f #f #f) \new Staff { \key g \major \time 4/2 \partial 2 << \new Voice \relative g' { \stemUp g2 | b2. a4 g2 d | e g d \bar "||"
  b' | a2. g4 fis2 d | e e d \bar "||" \break
  a' | a b4^( a) g2 d' | c d4( c) b2 \bar "||"
  b | g2 fis4^( e) d2 g | e fis g \bar "||" }
\new Voice \relative d' { \stemDown d2| d2. c4 b2 d | d c b
  d | d e d d | d cis d
  fis | fis2. fis4 g2 g | g fis g fis | e c c b | c c b } >> }
\new Staff << \clef bass \key g \major \new Voice \relative b { \stemUp b2 | g fis g g | g g g g | a a a a | b a fis
  d' d2. d4 d2 d | e d d b | b g a g | a a g }
\new Voice \relative g { \stemDown g2 | g d e b | c e g
  g fis cis d fis | g a d,
  d' | c2. c4 b2 b | a d, g dis | e2. e4 fis2 g | c, d g, } >>

1O King of kings: Thy blessing shed
On our anointed Sovereign's head:
And, looking from Thy holy Heaven,
Protect the crown Thyself hast given.

2Him may we honour and obey,
Uphold his right and lawful sway;
Rememb'ring that the powers that be
Are ministers ordained of Thee.

3Him with Thy choicest mercies bless,
To all his counsels give success;
[1]Alike in joy and sorrow bring
Thy mighty aid, God save the King!

4And oh! when earthly thrones decay,
And earthly kingdoms fade away,
Grant him a throne in worlds on high,
A Crown of immortality. Amen.

(This hymn may also be sung to the Old Hundredth).

  1. These two lines are altered from the original.