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The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/O Maker of the Sea and Sky

O Maker of the Sea and Sky 101
Henry Burton, 1605 From the Kyrie, Twelfth Mass,
by Johann Mozart, 1756-1791

1.Maker of the sea and sky,
Whose word the storm-y winds fulfill,
On the wide ocean thou art nigh,
Bidding these hearts of ours be still.
2.Thou bidd'st the north or south wind blow;
The lonely sea bird is thy care;
And in the clouds which come and go,
We see thy chariots everywhere.
3.The sun that lights the homeland dear
Spreads the new morning o'er the deep;
And in the dark thy stars appear,
Keeping their watches while we sleep.
4.And so, secure from all arms,
Thy seas beneath, thy skies above,
Clasped in the everlastng arms,

We rest in thine unslumbering love.