Lyra Ecclesiastica/First Series/Hymn to Our Lady


Blessed Mother o'er all other,
In whose womb devoid of stain
He once deignéd be containéd
Who all nature doth contain.

Womb all holy, wherein lowly
God assumed a form of clay—
Bosom blesséd, where caresséd
Heaven's King almighty lay.

Womb grace-teeming, whence redeeming
Love embraced a fallen race,—
Breast untainted, where the Sainted
Spirit made His resting place.

Here infanéd God once deignéd
Human nature to indue,—
Here incloséd the Espouséd
Did assume a figure new;

Nature rises, laws despises,
Rapt in overwhelming grace:
Things preceding all unheeding
In the present Virgin's case.

Breast adoréd, whence out-pouréd
Food for our Incarnate Lord,
At whose bidding fruit for feeding
Every age doth earth afford.

Hail! thou fairest, Mother dearest,
Love's beginning, crown, and end,
Pray of Jesus, to release us,
And His healing balm to send,

That assuréd, whole, and curéd,
Free from wounds and evil taints,
We, translated, may be sated
With the glories of the Saints. Amen.