Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Oftfor

OFTFOR (d. 692), bishop of Worcester, also known as Oftoforis, Ostfor, Ostoforus, Osteor, Ostfortus, was a pupil of the abbess Hilda [q. v.]; he studied the scriptures in both her monasteries, Hartlepool and Whitby (Bædæ Hist. Eccl. iv. 23), and at Whitby he discharged the office of the priesthood (Flor. Wig. s.a. 691). He studied also under Theodore of Canterbury, and journeyed to Rome; on his return he preached to the Huiccii in Worcestershire, and led an exemplary life. He was chosen bishop by unanimous consent, and was consecrated by Wilfrid at the command of King, Æthelred of Mercia in 692 (Stubbs, Registr. Sacr. Angl.; not 691, as in Flor. Wig.) His signature is appended to a genuine charter of 692, by which Æthelred granted him the village of Hanbury in Worcestershire (Kemble, Codex Dipl. No. 32). Another charter, in which he signs himself Oftoforis, must belong to the same year (ib. No. 36), for he died in 692. Bale says be wrote homilies (Script. Illustr. No. 85), but the statement is not trustworthy.

[Bædæ Hitt. Eccl. iv. 23; Flor. Wig. anno, pp. 691, 692.]

M. B.