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United States Supreme Court

64 U.S. 167

Ogden  v.  Parsons

THIS was an appeal from the Circuit Court of the United States for the southern district of New York.

Parsons and the other appellees were the owners of the ship Hemisphere, and a charter-party was executed between their agents and Ogden, the terms of which, together with the other facts of the case, are summarily stated in the opinion of the court.

The libel was filed in the District Court, praying for a writ with a clause of foreign attachment. The writ was accordingly issued against Ogden, commanding the marshal to take his person; if not found, then to take his goods and chattels; if none found, then to attach his credits in the hands of garnishees.

Ogden appeared, and the case proceeded through the District and Circuit Courts in the manner stated in the opinion of the court. From the decree of the Circuit Court, Ogden appealed.

It was submitted on printed arguments by Mr. Owen and Mr. Vose for the appellant, and by Mr. Parsons and Mr. Donohue for the appellees.

The arguments upon both sides entered into the merits independently of the evidence of their witnesses, whose testimony the court considered to be conclusive upon the point of what ought to be considered a full cargo. It is not thought necessary, therefore, to report those arguments.

Mr. Justice GRIER delivered the opinion of the court.


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