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OLDYS or OLDIS, VALENTINE (1620–1685), poet, son of Valentine Oldis, was born in 1620, an educted at Cambridge. He was made M.D. of Cambridge per literas regias on 6 Oct. 1671, and honorary member of the College of Physicians on 30 Sept. 1680. He died in 1686, and was buried near his father in Great St. Helen's, by St. Mary Axe. Oldis publisbed 'A Poem on the Restoration of King Charles,' 1660, fol., and was a patron of literature and men of letters. He is among the contributors of commendatory verses to Henry Bold's 'Poems Lyrique, Macaronique, Heroique, &c.,' London, 1664, and has one of the poems in the volume addressed to him. He also contributed to Alexander Brome's 'Songs, and at her Poems,' London, 1664. John Phillips dedicated to Oldis his 'Macaronides: or Virgil Travesty,' London, 1673.

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