Part I

I. My Reception Aboard
II. Some Account of the Ship
III. Further Account of the Julia
IV. A Scene in the Forecastle
V. What Happened at Hytyhoo
VI. We Touch at La Dominica
VII. What Happened at Hannamanoo
VIII. The Tattooers of La Dominica
IX. We Steer to the Westward--State of Affairs
X. A Sea-Parlour Described, With Some of Its Tenants
XI. Doctor Long Ghost a Wag--One of His Capers
XII. Death and Burial of Two of the Crew
XIII. Our Destination Changed
XIV. Rope Yarn
XV. Chips and Bungs
XVI. We Encounter a Gale
XVII. The Coral Islands
XVIII. Tahiti
XIX. A Surprise--More About Bembo
XX. The Round Robin--Visitors from Shore
XXI. Proceedings of the Consul
XXII. The Consul's Departure
XXIII. The Second Night Off Papeetee
XXIV. Outbreak of the Crew
XXV. Jermin Encounters an Old Shipmate
XXVI. We Enter the Harbour--Jim the Pilot
XXVII. A Glance at Papeetee--We are Sent Aboard the Frigate
XXVIII. Reception from the Frenchman
XXIX. The Reine Blanche
XXX. They Take Us Ashore--What Happened There
XXXI. The Calabooza Beretanee
XXXII. Proceedings of the French at Tahiti
XXXIII. We Receive Calls at the Hotel de Calabooza
XXXIV. Life at the Calabooza
XXXV. Visit from an Old Acquaintance
XXXVI. We are Carried Before the Consul and Captain
XXXVII. The French Priests Pay Their Respects
XXXVIII. Little Julia Sails Without Us
XXXIX. Jermin Serves Us a Good Turn--Friendships in Polynesia

Part II

XL. We Take Unto Ourselves Friends
XLI. We Levy Contributions on the Shipping
XLII. Motoo-Otoo a Tahitian Casuist
XLIII. One is Judged by the Company he Keeps
XLIV. Cathedral of Papoar--The Church of the Cocoa-Nuts
XLV. Missionary's Sermon; With Some Reflections
XLVI. Something About the Kannakippers
XLVII. How They Dress in Tahiti
XLVIII. Tahiti As It Is
XLIX. Same Subject Continued
L. Something Happens to Long Ghost
LI. Wilson Gives Us the Cut--Departure for Imeeo
LII. The Valley of Martair
LIII. Farming in Polynesia
LIV. Some Account of the Wild Cattle in Polynesia
LV. A Hunting Ramble with Zeke
LVI. Mosquitoes
LVII. The Second Hunt in the Mountains
LVIII. The Hunting-Feast; and a Visit to Afrehitoo
LIX. The Murphies
LX. What They Thought of Us in Martair
LXI. Preparing for the Journey
LXII. Tamai
LXIII. A Dance in the Valley
LXIV. Mysterious
LXV. The Hegira, or Flight
LXVI. How We Were to Get to Taloo
LXVII. The Journey Round the Beach
LXVIII. A Dinner-Party in Imeeo
LXIX. The Cocoa-Palm
LXX. Life at Loohooloo
LXXI. We Start for Taloo
LXXII. A Dealer in the Contraband
LXXIII. Our Reception in Partoowye
LXXIV. Retiring for the Night--The Doctor Grows Devout
LXXV. A Ramble Through the Settlement
LXXVI. An Island Jilt--We Visit the Ship
LXXVII. A Party of Rovers--Little Loo and the Doctor
LXXVIII. Mrs. Bell
LXXIX. Taloo Chapel--Holding Court in Polynesia
LXXX. Queen Pomaree
LXXXI. We Visit the Court
LXXXII. Which Ends the Book

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.