On the Magnet/II-13

[ 81 ]
On the Axis and Magnetick Poles.

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et the line be called the axis which is drawn in the earth (as in a terrella) through the centre to the poles. They are called πόλοι by the Greeks from πολεῖν, to turn, and by the Latins they are also called Cardines or Vertices; because the world rotates and is perpetually carried around them. We are about to show, indeed, that the earth and a terrella are turned about them by a magnetick influence. One of them in the earth, which looks towards the Cynosure, is called Boreal and Arctic; the other one, opposite to this, is called Austral and Antarctic. Nor do these also exist on the earth or on a terrella for the sake of the turning merely; but they are also limits of direction and position, both as respects destined districts of the world, and also for correct turnings among themselves.