On the Magnet/II-30

The Shape and Mass of the Iron are of most
importance in coition.

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bservation has shown above that the shape and mass of the loadstone have great influence in magnetick coitions; likewise also the shape and mass of the iron bodies give back more powerful and steady forces. Oblong iron rods are both drawn more quickly to a loadstone and cleave to it with greater obstinacy than round or square pieces, for the same reasons which we have proven in the case of the loadstone. But, moreover, this is also worthy of observation, that a smaller piece of iron, to which is hung a weight of another material, so that it is altogether in weight equal to another large whole piece of iron of a right weight * (as regards the strength of the loadstone), is not lifted by the loadstone as the larger piece of iron would be. For a smaller piece of iron does not join with a loadstone so firmly, because it sends back less strength, and only that which is magnetick conceives strength; the foreign material hung on cannot acquire magnetick forces.