This Canada of ours and other poems/Saguenay

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From the French of Louis H. Fréchette, in "Pêle-Mêle."

The forest has spells to enchant me,
The mountain has power to enthral:
Yet the grace of a wayside blossom
Can stir my heart deeper than all.

O towering steeps, that are mirrored
On Saguenay's darkening breast!
O grim, rocky heights, sternly frowning,
The thunders have smitten your crest!

O sentinels, piercing the cloudland,
    Stand forth in stupendous array!
My brow, by your shadows enshrouded,
    Is humbled before you to-day.

But, peaks that are gilded by heaven,
    Defiant you stand in your pride!
From glories too distant above me,
    I turn to the friend by my side.