Once a Week (magazine)/Series 1/Volume 1/Amwell and its Quaker poet

Once a Week, Series 1, Volume I  (1859) 
Amwell and its Quaker poet
by Charles Knight

Page:Once a Week Jul - Dec 1859.pdf/218 Page:Once a Week Jul - Dec 1859.pdf/219 Page:Once a Week Jul - Dec 1859.pdf/220 No milkmaid’s mother sings “an answer to it, which was made by Sir Walter Raleigh in his younger days.” Maudlin and her mother have vanished from the scene. Less pretty and pastoral are three sable minstrels who suddenly glide into our garden walks by the side of the Lea, and burst out, to the music of the banjo, with—

Who’s dat knocking at the door?

The forms of our pleasures and their accompaniments in other respects incessantly change, but their natural backgrounds are eternally fresh and perennially welcome.

Charles Knight.