Once a Week (magazine)/Series 1/Volume 4/Sonnet from Petrarch (Lady! If I survive this bitter smart)

Once a Week, Series 1, Volume IV (1860-1861)
Sonnet from Petrarch (Lady! If I survive this bitter smart)
by Miss E. White

Translation of Sonnet IX by Petrarch, written about 1331.


“Se la mia vita da l’aspro tormento.”

Lady! if I survive this bitter smart,
And struggle on—in spite of wasting tears
And weary sighs—to see in future years
Youth’s radiant light from those sweet eyes depart
Time’s silver mingling with thy golden hair;
Thy dainty robes and garlands laid aside;
And faded that bright face, that in its pride
Doth make me fear to tell my love’s despair.
Then shall I grow more bold, and dare at last
To utter all my woe—to number o’er
The years, the days, the hours that evermore
In grief I spend; then, though the time be past
For love and love’s warm hopes, yet thou wilt deign
Some tardy sighs to pay for so much pain.