Order 10: Management of Detention and Prison Facilities



Pursuant to my authority as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), and
under the laws and usages of war, and consistent with relevant U.N. Security Council
resolutions, including Resolution 1483 (2003),

Recognizing the urgent necessity to ensure safe and humane prisons in order to re-
establish law and order and provide for the safety of the people of Iraq,

I hereby promulgate the following:

Section 1
Authority Over Detention and Prison Facilities

Full authority and control over all detention and prison facilities, currently exercised
by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Interior, is hereby
vested in the Ministry of Justice. The Directorate of Adult Prisons and the Directorate
of Juvenile Prisons in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, all facilities under
their authority, and all employees thereof, are hereby transferred to the Ministry of

Section 2
Interagency Cooperation

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry
of Justice, and all other relevant elements of government, shall cooperate in this
effort. The Ministry of Justice, under the authority, direction and control of the
Administrator of the CPA, may prescribe any administrative procedures necessary to
ensure a properly coordinated transfer of the detention and prison facilities in
accordance with this Order.

Section 3
Prison and Detention Facility Standards

There shall be promulgated pursuant to this Order an Implementing Memorandum
that will set out fundamental standards applicable to the operation of all prison and
detention facilities under the authority of the Ministry of Justice.

CPA/ORD/8 June 2003/10

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