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OSMUND (fl. 803), bishop of London, succeeded bishop Heathobert, who died in 801 (Sym. Dunelm. ii. 66; Flor. Wig. i. 232), and was probably consecrated by Archbishop Æthelheard on his return from Rome in 802 (Ecclesiastical Documents, iii. 536-9). He attended the council of Clovesho in October 803, witnessing an act with reference to the see of Worcester, the act recognising the restoration of the see of Canterbury to its ancient rights, and the ordinance of Æthelheard against the appointment of laymen as lords of monasteries. He was attended at the council by one abbot, three priests, and another whose status is not given. He was also present at a synod held at Acleah in August 805. His successor, Æthelnoth, appears as bishop in 811.

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