Ottawa Illustrated

Ottawa Illustrated  (1900) 
by Charles Henry Thorburn



Illustrated.Ottawa-illustrated-title-img01.pngOttawa-illustrated-title-img01.png Illustrated.


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Chas. H. Thorburn, Bookseller and Stationer,
80 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Canada.


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The House of Commons.

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Lobby—House of Commons.

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Hall of House of Commons.

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Government Buildings, from Nepean Point.

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The Senate Room.

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Library of Parliament.

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Library of Parliament—Interior.

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Departmental Building—Eastern Block.

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Lovers' Walk.

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Departmental Building—Western Block.

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The Langevin Government Building—Wellington Street.

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Chaudiere Falls.

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The Post Office, Sappers' and Dufferin Bridges.

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Rideau Hall.

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Ottawa River—Lumber District.

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Government Printing Bureau and Cathedral, from Parliament Hill.

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Chaudiere Suspension Bridge.
The Slides. Rideau Canal Locks.

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Central Chambers. The Free Press.
Elgin Street, from City Hall.

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City Hall. Collegiate Institute.
Protestant Orphan Home.

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View from Normal School.

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Normal School.

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Dominion Methodist Church.

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Jacques Cartier Monument. Protestant Orphan Home. Sharpshooters' Monument.

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Christ Church.

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The Drill Hall—Collegiate Institute.

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Sparks Street.

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Rideau Falls.

Ottawa Illustrated (page 59 crop).jpg

Rideau Falls in Winter.

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Lumber District.

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Life on a Raft.

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Ottawa River, from Rock Cliff.

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Curling at Rideau Hall.Tobogganing at Rideau Hall.

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