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OTTERBOURNE, NICHOLAS (fl. 1448–1459), clerk-register of Scotland, is mentioned on 9 Jan. 1449-50 as master of arts, canon of the church of Glasgow, and official of Lothian (Reg. Mag. Sig. Scot. 1424-1513, entry 301); on 20 March 1449-1450 as secretary to James II (ib. entry 329), and in 1454 as clerk of the rolls (Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, 1437-54, entry 609). He was one of those sent in February 1448 to France on a confidential mission in connection with the king's marriage. On 3 Nov. 1450 he had a warrant of safe-conduct for three months to pass into France (Cal. Documents relating to Scotland, 1357-1509, entry 1228); on 3 June 1455 a warrant from the king of England for a safe-conduct to England for four months (ib. entry 1271); and on 11 May 1456 a warrant for three months (ib. entry 1276). On 13 July 1459 he had a safe-conduct, with others, into England to confer with English commissioners at Newcastle (ib. entry 1301). He is stated to have been the author of 'Epithalamium Jacobi II, Lib. 1.'

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