Oxford, Earls of (DNB00)

OXFORD, Earls of. [See Vere, Robert de, third Earl of the first creation, d. 1221; Vere, John de, seventh Earl, 1313–1360; Vere, Robert de, ninth Earl, 1362–1393; Vere, Aubrey de, tenth Earl, 1340?–1400; Vere, John de, thirteenth Earl, 1443–1513; Vere, John de, sixteenth Earl, 1512?–1562; Vere, Edward de, seventeenth Earl, 1550–1604; Vere, Aubrey de, twentieth Earl, 1626–1703; Harley, Robert, first Earl of the second creation, 1661–1724; Harley, Edward, second Earl, 1689–1741.]