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PR Comments on the results of the Tribunal for ISN 312


PR Comments on the results of the Tribunal for #312

I do not believe the Tribunal gave proper weigh to exhibit D-c. The purpose of D-c was not necessarily to prove that the detainee was not properly classified as an enemy combatant, rather is was to shed light on the veracity of the testimony of detainee  . While the spreadsheet is not a comprehensive document, it does show that detainee has provided information on over 60 detainees, currently at  . These detainee come form varying countries and backgrounds and were in widely separate areas of Afghanistan. In order for   to know over 10% of the detainees by sight and name, he would have to have known almost a similar portion of non-detained Taliban and al Qaida personnel in Afghanistan. This though strains the imagination. Specifically regarding #312, detaine   indicated that he saw him at   training camp during his   on week of training in April 2001. All documentary evidence indicates that detainee was not in Afghanistan until July 2001 and therefore   could not have seen him. I investigated   file and prepared the spreadsheet (D-c). After identifying over 60 detainees, I realized that a comprehensive investigation regarding each identified detainee was not possible. However, there were a limited amount that the detainee identified at  . I then reviewed the travels of each of the detainees that   identified at  . Based on the documents in our possession, not one of the detainees that   identified at   was in the country at the time that   would have been able to identify them as being trained at this camp. Barring each of these detainees having elaborate cover stories that have not been compromised over the length of their detainment, the testimony of   should not be relied upon.

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