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14 Scientific Works published by Longmans, Green, 6 Co. ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, ETC.

ADVANCED BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. By the Author of ' Rivingtons' Notes on Building Construction '. With 385 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. , 45. 6d. BENN. STYLE IN FURNITURE. By R. DAVIS BENN. With 102 Plates by W. C. BALDOCK. 8vo., 2is. net. BOOKER. ELEMENTARY PRACTICAL BUILDING CON- STRUCTION. Stage I. By F. W. BOOKER. With 727 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 2s. 6d. BURRELL. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. By EDWARD J. BURRELL, Second Master of the People's Palace Technical School, London. With 303 Working Drawings. Crown 8vo. , 2s. 6d. GWILT.NN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ARCHITECTURE. By JOSEPH GWILT, F.S.A. Revised (1888), with Alterations and Considerable Additions by WYATT PAPWORTH. With 1700 Engravings. 8vo., 21 s. net. HAMLIN.K TEXT-BOOK OF THE HISTORY OF ARCHITEC- TURE. By A. D. F. HAMLIN, A.M. With 229 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 75. 6d. PARKER AND UNWIN.'mV ART OF BUILDING A HOME : A Collection of Lectures and Illustrations. By BARRY PARKER and RAYMOND UN WIN. With 68 Full-page Plates. 8vo., IQJ. 6d. net. RICHARDS. BRICKLAYING AND BRICKCUTTING. By H. W. RICHARDS, Examiner in Brickwork and Masonry to the City and Guilds of London Institute, Head of Building Trades Department, Northern Polytechnic Institute, London, N. With over 200 Illustrations. 8vo., y. 6d. LIGHTING OF SCHOOLROOMS: a Manual for School Boards, Architects, Superintendents and Teachers. By STUART H. ROWE, Ph.D. With 32 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 35. 6d. net. SEDDON. BUILDER'S WORK AND THE BUILDING TRADES. By Col. H. C. SEDDON, R.E. With numerous Illustrations. Medium 8vo., i6j. THOMAS. THE VENTILATION, HEATING AND MANAGE- MENT OF CHURCHES AND PUBLIC BUILDINGS. By J. W. THOMAS, F.I.C., F.C.S. With 25 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 2s. 6d. V ALDER. BOOK OF TABLES, giving the Cubic Contents of from One to Thirty Pieces Deals, Battens and Scantlings of the Sizes usually imported or used in the Building Trades, together with an Appendix showing a large number of sizes, the Contents of which may be found by referring to the aforesaid Tables. By THOMAS V ALDER. Oblong 410., 6s. net. RIVINGTONS' COURSE OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. NOTES ON BUILDING CONSTRUCTION. Medium 8vo. Part I. With 695 Illustrations, los. 6d. net. Part II. With 496 Illustrations, los. 6d. net. Part III. Materials. With 188 Illustrations, 185. net. Part IV. Calculations for Building Structures. With 551 Illustra- tions, 13-r. net.