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Scientific Works published by Longmans, Green, <5r Co. 23 PHYSIOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY- Continued. THORNTON. Works by J. THORNTON, M.A. ELEMENTARY PRACTICAL PHYSIOGRAPHY. Part I. With 215 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 2s. 6d. Part II. With 98 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 2S. 6d. ELEMENTARY PHYSIOGRAPHY: an Introduction to the Study of Nature. With 13 Maps and 295 Illustrations. With Appendix on Astronomical Instruments and Measurements. Crown 8vo., zs. 6d. ADVANCED PHYSIOGRAPHY. With n Maps and 255 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 4*. 6d. NATURAL HISTORY AND GENERAL SCIENCE. FURNEAUX. Works by WILLIAM FURNEAUX, F.R.G.S. THE OUTDOOR WORLD; or, The Young Collector's Handbook, With 18 Plates, 16 of which are coloured, and 549 Illustrations in the Text. Crown 8vo., 6s. net. LIFE IN PONDS AND STREAMS. With 8 Coloured Plates and 331 Illustrations in the Text. Crown 8vo. , 6s. net. BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS (British). With 12 Coloured Plates and 241 Illustrations in the Text. Crown 8vo., 6s. net. THE SEA SHORE. With 8 Coloured Plates and 300 Illustrations in the Text. Crown 8vo. , 6s. net. HUDSON. Works by W. H. HUDSON, C.M.Z.S. BRITISH BIRDS. With 8 Coloured Plates from Original Drawings ..- by A. THORBURN, and 8 Plates and TOO Figures by C. E. LODGE, and 3 Illustrations from Photographs. Crown 8vo. , 6s. net. BIRDS AND MAN. Large Crown 8vo., 6s. net. MILLAIS. Works by JOHN GUILLE MILLAIS, F.Z.S. THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE BRITISH SURFACE- FEEDING DUCKS. With 6 Photogravures and 66 Plates (41 in colours) from Drawings by the AUTHOR, ARCHIBALD THORBURN, and from Photographs. Royal 4to., jC6 6s. net. THE MAMMALS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. 3 vols. Quarto (13 in. by 12 in.), cloth, gilt edges. Volume I. With 18 Photogravures by the AUTHOR ; 31 Coloured Plates by the AUTHOR, ARCHIBALD THORBURN and G. E. LODGE ; and 63 Uncoloured Plates by the AUTHOR and from Photographs. ,6 6s. net.

      • Only 1,025 copies printed for England and America.

NANSEN. THE NORWEGIAN NORTH POLAR EXPEDITION, 1893-1896 : Scientific Results. Edited by FRIDTJOF NANSEN. Volume I. With 44 Plates and numerous Illustrations in the Text. Demy 410., 405. net. Volume II. With 2 Charts and 17 Plates. Demy 410., 30*. net. Volume III. With 33 Plates. Demy 410., 32^. net. Volume IV. With 33 Plates. Demy 410. , 2is. net. STANLEY. A FAMILIAR HISTORY OF BIRDS. By E. STANLEY, STANLEY, D.D., formerly Bishop of Norwich, With j6o Illustrations, Cr, 8vo., 35. 6d.