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Scientific Works published by Longmans, Green, 6 Co.

MEDICINE AND SURGERY Continued. QUAIN. QUAIN'S (JONES) ELEMENTS OF ANATOMY. The Tenth Edition. Edited by EDWARD ALBERT SCHAFER, F.R.S. , Professor of Physiology in the University of Edinburgh ; and GEORGE DANCER THANE, Professor of Anatomy in University College, London. VOL. By PART I. EMBRYOLOGY. E. A. SCHAFER, F.R.S. With 200 Illustrations. Royal 8vo. , 95. VOL. I., PART II. GENERAL ANA- TOMY OR HISTOLOGY. By E. A. SCHAFER, F.R.S. With 491 Illustra- tions. Royal 8vo., 125. 6d. VOL. II., PART I. OSTEOLOGY ARTHROLOGY. By G. D. THANE. With 224 Illustrations. Royal 8 vo., us. VOL. II., PART II. MYOLOGY ANGEIOLOGY. By G. D. THANE. With 199 Illustrations. Royal 8vo., 165. VOL. III., PART I. THE SPINAL CORD AND BRAIN. By E. A. SCHAFER, F.R.S. With 139 Illustrations. Royal 8vo. ( I2J. 6d. VOL. III., PART II. THE NERVES. By G. D. THANE. With 102 Illustra- tions. Royal 8vo., 9^. VOL. III., PART III. THE ORGANS OF THE SENSES. By E. A. SCHAFER, F.R.S. With 178 Illustrations. Royal 8vo., 9^. VOL. III., PART IV. SPLANCHNO- LOGY. By E. A. SCHAFER, F.R.S., and JOHNSON SYMINGTON, M.D. With 337 Illustrations. Royal 8vo., 165. APPENDIX : SUPERFICIAL AND SUR- GICAL ANATOMY. By Professor G. D. THANE and Professor R. J. GODLEE, M.S. With 29 Illustrations. Royal 8vo., 6s. 6d. SCHAFER. Works by E. A. SCHAFER, F.R.S., Professor of Physiology in the University of Edinburgh. THE ESSENTIALS OF HISTOLOGY: For the Use of Students. With 463 Illustrations. Descriptive and Practical. 8vo. , qs. net. DIRECTIONS FOR CLASS WORK IN PRACTICAL PHYSIO- LOGY : Elementary Physiology of Muscle and Nerve and of the Vascular and Nervous Systems. With 48 Diagrams and 24 pages of plain paper at end for Notes. 8vo. , 3-y. net. SMALE AND COL YER. DISEASES AND INJURIES OF THE TEETH, including Pathology and Treatment. By MORTON SMALE, M.R.C.S., L.S.A. , L.D.S., Dental Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital, Dean of the School, Dental Hospital of London, etc. ; and J. F. COLYER, L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., L.D.S., Dental Surgeon to Charing Cross Hospital and to the Dental Hospital of London. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged by J. F. COLYER. With 640 Illustrations. Large crown 8vo., 2U. net. SMITH (H. F.). THE HANDBOOK FOR MIDWIVES: By HENRY FLY SMITH, B.A., M.B. Oxon., M.R.C.S. 41 Woodcuts. Crown 8vo., $s.