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32 Scientific Works published by Longmans , Green, 6 CV?.

PHYSIOLOGY, BIOLOGY, ZOOLOGY, ETC. (And see MEDICINE AND SURGERY, page 26.) A SHB K NOTES ON PHYSIOLOGY FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS PREPARING FOR EXAMINATION. By HENRY ASHBY, M.D. Lond., F.R.C.P., Physician to the General Hospital for Sick Children, Manchester. With 148 Illustrations. i8mo., $s. BARNETT.^^^ MAKING OF THE BODY : a Children's Book on Anatomy and Physiology. By Mrs. b. A. BARNETT. With 113 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. , i s. gd. BEDDARD. ELEMENTARY PRACTICAL ZOOLOGY. By FRANK E. BEDDARD, M.A. Oxon. With 93 Il'ustrations. Crown 8vo., zs. 6d. BIDGOOD.& COURSE OF PRACTICAL ELEMENTARY BIO- LOGY. By JOHN BIDGOOD, B.Sc., F.L.S. With 226 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 45. 6d. BOSE. RESPONSE IN THE LIVING AND NON-LIVING. By JAGADIS CHUNDER BOSE, M.A. (Cantab.), D.Sc. (Lond.), Professor, Presidency College, Calcutta. With 117 Illustrations. 8vo., los. 6d. BRODIE.'TTtt ESSENTIALS OF EXPERIMENTAL PHYSIO- LOGY. For the Use of Students. By T. G. BRODIE, M.D., Lecturer on Physiology, St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School. With 2 Plates and 177 Illustrations in the Text. 8vo., 6s. 6d. CffAPMAN.THE FORAMINIFERA : An Introduction to the Study of the Protozoa. By FREDERICK CHAPMAN, A.L.S., F.R.M.S. With 14 Plates and 42 Illustrations in the Text. 8vo. , gs. net. FURNEA UX. HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY. By W. FURNEAUX, F.R.G.S. With 218 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., zs. 6d. HUDSON AND GOSSJZ.THE ROTIFERA, or ' WHEEL- ANIMA- CULES'. By C. T. HUDSON, LL.D., and P. H. GOSSE, F.R.S. With 30 Coloured and 4 Uncoloured Plates. In 6 Parts. 410., 105. 6d. each. Supplement i2s. 6d. Complete in 2 vols. , with Supplement, 410., ^4 4^. LLOYD. THE TEACHING OF BIOLOGY IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL. By FRANCIS E. LLOYD, A.M. and MAURICE A. BIGELOW, Ph.D., Pro- fessors in Teachers College, Columbia University. Crown 8vo., 6s. net. MACALISTER.Vfwte by ALEXANDER MACALISTER, M.D. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SYSTEMATIC ZOOLOGY AND MORPHOLOGY OF VERTEBRATE ANIMALS. With 41 Diagrams. 8vo., iox 6d. ZOOLOGY OF THE INVERTEBRATE ANIMALS. With 77 Diagrams. Fcp. 8vo., is. 6d. ZOOLOGY OF THE VERTEBRATE ANIMALS. With 59 Diagrams. Fcp. 8vo., is. 6d. MACDOUGAL. Works by DANIEL TREMBLY MACDOUGAL, Ph.D., Director of the Laboratories of the New York Botanical Garden. PRACTICAL TEXT-BOOK OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY. With 159 Illustrations. 8vo., js. 6d. net. ELEMENTARY PLANT PHYSIOLOGY. With 108 Illustrations. Crown 8vo., 3^.