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AT LAST through Gods goodnes (most dearly

beloued) we send you here the greater part

of the Old Testament: as long since you receiued

the New; faithfully translated into

English. The residue is in hād to be finished:

and your desire therof shal not now (God prospering our The cause of delay in setting forth this English Bible.

intention) be long frustrate. As for the impediments, which

hitherto haue hindered this vvorke, they al proceded (as

manie do know) of one general cause, our poore estate

in banishment. VVherin expecting better meanes, greatter

difficulties rather ensued. Neuertheles you wil hereby the

more perceiue our feruent good wil, euer to serue you, in

that we haue brought forth this Tome, in these hardest

times, of aboue fourtie yeares, since this College was most

happely begune. VVherfore we nothing doubt, but you Anno. 1568.

our dearest, for whom we haue dedicated our liues, wil

both pardon the long delay, which we could not wel preuent,

and accept now this fruict of our laboures, with like

good affection, as we acknowlege them due, and offer

the same vnto you.

If anie demand, why it is now allowed to haue the holie VVhy & how it is allowed to haue holie Scriptures in vulgar tongues.

Scriptures in vulgar tongues, which generally is not permitted,

but in the three sacred only: for further declaration

of this, & other like pointes we remite you to the Preface,

before the New Testament. Only here, as by an Epitome,