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The Second Tome of the
Faithfully Tranſ-
lated into Engliſh,
ovt of the Avthentical

Diligently conferred with the Hebrew, Greeke,
and other Editions in diuers languages.

With Argvments of the Bookes, and Chapters:
Annotations:Tables: and other helpes,
for better vnderſtanding of the text: for diſcouerie of
Corrvptions in ſome late tranſlations: and
for clearing
Controverſies in Religion.

By the English College of Doway.

Spiritu Sancto inſpirati, locuti ſunt ſancti Dei homines. 2.Pet. 1.
The holie men of God ſpake, inſpired by the Holie Ghoſt.

Printed at Doway by Lavrence Kellam,
at the ſigne of the holie Lambe.

M.D C.X.