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The Booke Of

Pſalme I.

The right manner of ſeruing God. The 7. key.

The Royal prophet Dauid placed this Pſalme as a Preface to the re, conteyning, 1 true happines, which conſiſteth in flying ſinnes, and ſeruing God. 3. The good doe proſper, 5. not the Wicked: 6. as wil appeare in the end of this world.

Idat. 5.1BLessed aa He is in the right way eternal felicitie. is the man, that″ hath bb not conſented to euil ſuggeſtions. not gone in the counſel of the impious, & hath cc not continued in ſinne. not″ ſroode in the way of ſinners, and hath dd not finally perſiſted in Wicked life. not″ ſitte in the chayre of peſtilence:

2Ioſ. 1. † But ee He is wholly occupied & delighted in keeping Gods commandments. his″ wil is in the way of our Lord, and in his law he wil mediate day and night.
3Iere. 17. † And he shal be as a tree, that is planted nigh to ff To him that vſeth Gods grace wel, more grace is continually geuen. the ſtreames of water, which shal geue his fruite in his time:
4 † And gg Through ſuch grace he shal perſeuer. his leafe shal not fal: and hh al thinges worke to the good of them that loue God ſincerely. al thinges whatſoeuer he shal doe, shal proſper.
5 † The impious not ſo: but ii The Wicked are carried with euery light tentation. as duſt, which the winde driueth from the face of the earth.
6 † Therfore the impious shal kk Al ryſing at the laſt day, the wicked shal not riſe with hope nor comforth, but in deſolation. not riſe againe in iudgement: not ſinners in the ll the happie congregation of the bleſſed. councel of the uiſt.
7 † For our Lord mm approueth & rewardeth. knoweth the way of the iuſt, and the way of the impious nn in eternal damnation. shal perish.