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Geography and Statistics, K. TH. Professor of Political Science, Vienna University, and President of the Statistische Central-Kommission, Vienna; History, J. W. HEADLAM, late Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. AVERAGE, GENERAL. T. G. CARVER, K.C., Author of the “ Law relating to the Carriage of Goods by Sea.” BABIISM. E. G. BROWNE, M.B., Professor of Persian, Cambridge University. BABYLONIA AND ASSYRIA. The Rev. A. H. SAYCE, D.D., Professor of Assyriology, Oxford University. BACCHYLIDES. Sir RICHARD JEBB, Litt.D., LL.D., M. P., Regius Professor of Greek, Cambridge University. BACTERIOLOGY. General, H. MARSHALL WARD, D.SC., F.R.S., Professor of Botany, Cambridge University; Pathological, ROBERT MUIR, M.D., Professor of Pathology, Glasgow University. VON BAER. EDWARD CLODD, Author of “A Primer of Evolution,” &c. BAGEHOT, BALANCE OF TRADE. Sir ROBERT GIFFEN, K.C.B., F.R.S., late Controller-General of Commercial, Labour, and Statistical Departments of the Board of Trade. BALANOGLOSSUS. A. WILLEY, D.SC. BALKAN PENINSULA. J. D. BOURCHIER, M.A., Correspondent of “ The Times ” at Athens. BALLOONS, MILITARY. Major BADEN F. S. BADENPOWELL, late President Aeronautical Society. BALTIC SEA. H. N. DICKSON, Lecturer in Physical Geography, Oxford University. BALTIMORE. FABIAN FRANKLIN, Ph.D., Editor of the “ Baltimore News.” BALUCHISTAN. Sir T. H. HOLDICH, K.C.I.E., Author of “The Indian Borderland,” &c. BANCROFT, GEORGE. WM. M. SLOANE, LL.D., Professor of History, Columbia University, New York. BANKING. Europe, R. H. INGLIS PALGRAVE, Editor of “ A Dictionary of Political Economy”; United States, THOMAS L. GREENE, Manager of the Audit Company, New York : Law of, Sir J. R. PAGET, Bart., K.C., Gilbart Lecturer on Banking, King’s College, Lpndon. BANKRUPTCY. Great Britain, J. SMITH, C.B., Inspector-General in Bankruptcy; United States, H. G. NEWTON, LL.B., Referee in Bankruptcy, New Haven, Conn. BANTU LANGUAGES. Sir HARRY JOHNSTON, K.C.B., Special Commissioner for Uganda Protectorate. BANVILLE. LORD CREWE. BAPTISTS. United Kingdom, the Rev. W. E. COLLINS, M.A., Professor of Ecclesiastical History, King’s College, London ; United States, the Rev. W. H. P. FAUNCE, D.D., President of Brown University, Providence. BARBIZON SCHOOL. GEORGE CLAUSEN, A.R.A. BARNES. ARTHUR WAUGH, Author of “Alfred, Lord Tennyson.” BARNFIELD. EDMUND GOSSE, LL.D. BAROTSE. Sir HARRY JOHNSTON, K.C.B. BARRACKS. Great Britain, Colonel HERBERT LOCOCK, C.B., formerly Inspector-General of Fortifications; India, Major E. H. HEMMING, R.E. BASE-BALL. WALTER CAMP, Author of “Book of College Sports,” “American Football,” &c. BASUTOLAND. Geography, Professor A. H. KEANE ; History, ALFRED HILLIER, M.D., Author of “ South African Studies.” VON INAMA-STERNEGG,

BAYREUTH. J. A. FULLER MAITLAND, M.A., F.S.A. BEACONSFIELD. FREDERICK GREENWOOD. BECHUANALAND. Geography, Professor A. H. KEANE ; History, ALFRED HILLIER, M.D. BEECHER. The Rev. LYMAN ABBOTT, D.D., Editor of “The Outlook,” New York. BELFAST. W. HALDANE PORTER. BELGIUM. Geography. J. DU FIEF, Secretary of the Royal Belgian Geographical Society ; Recent History, L. LEG Lis RE, Professor of History, Brussels University ; Recent Literature, ARTHUR SYMONS. BELGRADE. CHEDROMILLE MIJATOVICH, formerly Servian Minister to the Court of St. James’s. BENEFICE. G. G. PHILLIMORE, B.C.L. BENGAL. J. S. COTTON, M.A. BENIN. Lieut.-Col. H. L. GALLWEY, C.M.G., and Sir GEORGE S. CLARKE, F.R.S., Governor of Victoria. BENSON. The Rev. W. E. COLLINS, M.A. BENTHAM. Sir W. T. THISELTON-DYER, LL.D., F.R.S., Director of the Royal Gardens, Kew. BERI-BERI. ARTHUR SHAD WELL, M.D. BERLIN. PHILIP A. ASHWORTH, Dr.Jur. (Wurzburg). BESSEMER. H. M. Ross. BETTING. A. E. T. WATSON (“Rapier”). Editor of the “Badminton Magazine” and “Badminton Library.” BEUST. J. W. HEADLAM, late Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. BHAMO. Sir J, G. SCOTT, G.C.I.E., Deputy Commissioner for Burma. BILLIARDS. Major WILLIAM BROADFOOT, R.E., Author of “Billiards.” BILLS OF EXCHANGE. M. D. CHALMERS, C.S.I. BIMETALLISM. Major LEONARD DARWIN. BIRDS. HANS GADOW, Ph.D., F.R.S., Lecturer on Zoology, Cambridge University. BIRMINGHAM. The Rev. L. P. JACKS. BISMARCK. J. W. HEADLAM. BLACK SEA. J. Y. BUCHANAN, F.R.S., formerly Lecturer in Geography, Cambridge University. BLAINE. The Hon. CHARLES EMORY SMITH, formerly U.S. Postmaster-General; Editor of “The Press,” Philadelphia. BOHEMIA. ZENEAS O’NEILL, Assistant Correspondent of “The Times,” Vienna. BOILERS. J. T. MILTON, M.Inst.C.E., Member of Admiralty Boiler Committee. BOKHARA. PRINCE KROPOTKIN. BOMBAY. J. S. COTTON, M. A., Editor of various Reports on India ? Author of “ India” (Citizen Series). BOOKBINDING. CYRIL J. DAVENPORT, Author of “Royal English Bookbindings.” BOOK-PLATES. EGERTON CASTLE, Author of “English Book-plates.” BOOK PRINTING.


BOOTH. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, LL.D., Author of “Autobiography,” etc. BORNEO. C. M. KAN, Professor of Geography, Amsterdam University, and HUGH CLIFFORD, C.M.G., Governor of Labuan and British North Borneo. BORROW. T. WATTS-DUNTON. K. TH. VON INAMA-STERNEGG, Professor of Political Science, Vienna University, and President of the Statistische Central-Kommission. BOSTON. E. M. BACON, Author of ‘ ‘ Boston Illustrated. ” BOSNIA.