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In 1881 he removed to Washington, D.C. He is best 23,280 from Government canals. The principal crops are known as the inventor of “ visible speech ” (see Ency. millet, other food-grains, pulse, oil-seeds, and cotton. Brit. vol. xxii. p. 385), a system of indicating by There are considerable manufactures of cotton and woollen alphabetical characters the utterances and modes of action goods, and cotton is largely exported. The district is of the human organs of speech. Among his writings are traversed by the Madras and Southern Mahratta, railways, Visible Speech, Principles of Phonetics, and several books meeting on the eastern border at Guntakal junction, where another line branches off to Bezwada. In 1896-97 the on elocution. number of schools was 1035, attended by 24,186 pupils, Bellagio, a town in the province of Como, Lombardy, being one pupil to every 37 of the population. In spread Italy. It is beautifully situated at the tip of the peninsula of education Bellary ranks third among the rural districts which separates the two southern arms of Lake Como, of the province. The death-rate in 1897 was 312 per 1000. and on this account is a favourite tourist resort. Its picBellefbntaine, a city of Ohio, U.S.A., capital of turesque surroundings are studded with handsome villas Logan county, north-west of the centre of the state, at (e.g., Serbelloni, Melzi, &c.), and parks and gardens. The people are employed in turnery, and in the manufacture the°intersection of three railways. Population (1900), 6649. of silk, woollens, and cement. Population, about 3500. Belleville, capital of St Clair county, Illinois, Bellaire, a city of Belmont county, Ohio, U.S.A., U S.A., situated in the south-western part of the state, situated in the eastern part of the state, on Ohio river, in 38°'’ 29' N. lat., and 89° 58' W. long., at an altitude 5 miles south of Wheeling, at an altitude of 654 feet. It of 527 feet. It has four railways—the Illinois Central; is entered by the Baltimore and Ohio, the Bellaire, Zanes- the Louisville and Nashville; the Louisville, Evansville, ville and Chicago, the Cleveland, Lorain, and Wheeling, and St Louis; and the St Louis, Belleville, and Southern; and the Pennsylvania railways. Population (1900), 9912. affording connexions in all directions. It is in the Southern Illinois coal-field, and has a large commerce in Bellamy, Edward (1850-1898), American coal. It also has copper - refining works. Population author and social reformer, was born at Chicopee Falls, (1880), 10,683; (1890), 15,361 ; (1900), 17,484. Massachusetts, 25th March 1850. He studied for a time Belleville, a city and port of entry of Ontario, at Union College and in Germany; was admitted to the bar in 1871 ; but soon afterwards entered upon journalistic Canada, and capital of Hastings county, 106 miles work in Springfield, Massachusetts, and New York. After E.N.E. of Toronto, on Bay of Quinte and the Grand publishing three novelettes, pleasantly written, and show- Trunk railway. Communication is maintained with Lake ing some inventiveness in situation, but attracting no Ontario and St Lawrence ports by several lines of special notice, in 1888 he caught the public attention steamers. It is the commercial centre of a. fine agriculwith Looking Backward, 2000-1887, in which he set forth tural district, and has a large export trade in cheese and ideas of co-operative or semi-socialistic life in village or farm produce. There are several educational institutions, city communities. The book was at first judged merely including Albert College, Ontario Business College, a conas a romance, but was soon accepted as a statement of the vent, and an institute for the deaf and dumb, supdeliberate wishes and methods of its author, who devoted ported by the Government. The principal industries are the remainder of his life, as editor, author, lecturer, and cabinet and sewing-machine factories, grist and sawpolitician, to the spread of what he called “ nationalism,” mills, and distilleries. The exports for 1899-1900 were his ideal being, in the opinion of M. Emile de Laveleye, $1,691,935, and the imports were $460,326. Incorporated “ pure communism.” Bellamy died at Chicopee Falls on as a city in 1878, the population in 1881 was 9516, and the 22nd of May 1898. Looking Backward was widely in 1901 was 9117. circulated in America and Europe, and translated into Belleville boilers. See Boilers. several foreign languages. Bellevue, a city of Campbell county, Kentucky, Bellary (Ballari), a city and district of British U.S.A., on the south bank of the Ohio river, in the India, in the Madras Presidency. The city is 305 miles northern part of the state, near Cincinnati, Ohio, and by rail from Madras. Population (1881), 53,460 ; (1891), adjoining Newport, Kentucky. Population (1900), 6332. 59,467 ; (1901), 57,700. The municipal income in 189798*was Rs.1,00,050. Bellary is an important cantonment, Be I ley, chief town of arrondissement in department and the headquarters of a military division. There is con- of Ain, France, 47 miles S.E. of Bourg, on railway from siderable trade in cotton, with two large steam presses, St Andre-le-Gay to Virren-le-Grand, pleasantly situated and some manufacture of cotton cloth. There is also a between vine-covered hills about 3 miles from the right cotton mill, with 110 looms and 17,800 spindles, employing bank of the Rhone. Indian cottons and muslin are 456 hands. There are a missionary college, three high manufactured, and there is trade in cattle, fowls, and schools for boys, with 725 pupils, nine printing-presses, truffles. The best lithographic stone is found in the which issue three vernacular periodicals, and several vicinity. The town is of Roman origin, and in the 5th reading-rooms and literary institutions. In 1901 Bellary century became an episcopal see, and the capital of the was chosen as one of the places of detention in India for province of Bugey. In 1385 it was almost entirely destroyed by an act of incendiarism, but was subsequently Boer prisoners of war. The district of Bellary has an area of 5975 square rebuilt by Duke Amadeus VIII. of Savoy. A stone with miles. The population in 1891 was 900,126, being 151 a curious inscription commemorating its destruction was persons per square mile. Classified according to leligion, buried in the foundation of the bishop’s palace. Population Hindus numbered 807,597 ; Mahommedans, 85,770; (1876), 3499; (1896), 3753, comm., 4687; (1901), 646 <. Christians, 5283, of whom 1124 were Europeans; Jains, Bellinzona, now the sole political capital of the 1463 ; “ others,” 13. In 1901 the population was 947,329, showing an increase of 8 per cent. The total amount of Swiss canton of Tessin or Ticino. It is on the St Gothard the land revenue and rates was Bs. 19,64,992, the incidence railway, 95| miles from Lucerne, while a branch line oi of assessment being nearly 14 annas per acre ; the number 13f miles leads from Bellinzona to Loca,rno. Bellinzona is of police was 701. In 1897-98, out of a total cultivated a picturesque and thoroughly Italian little town. Popuarea of 2,146,624 acres, 68,595 were irrigated, including lation (1888), 3290; (1901), 5047.