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borAs— B O R M I O former castle, now administrative offices; the Evangelical church (1851, enlarged 1887); the hydropathic Marienberg (1839), occupying a former Benedictine abbey, which crowned a hill 100 feet above the Rhine. Population (1900), 5806. Boras, a town of Sweden, province Elfsborg, 36 miles E. of Gothenburg by rail, on the river Wiske, with numerous cotton spinning and weaving mills. It was founded by Gustavus Adolphus in 1632, and has a mineral spring. Population (1880), 4723; (1898), 13,772.


Town, close down by the shore, the “Visitors’” Town, on a gently rising plain behind it, backed by the Old Town and hills (600 to 1000 ft. in alt.). It is famous for its palms and other exotic plants, and grows large quantities of flowers and lemons for export. Amongst its “lions” are the Villa Bischoffsheim and the Villa Garnier, the latter with wall-paintings by French artists. The *.parish church dates from 1648, and was restored in 1886. There are two museums, one containing Roman antiquities found on the Ligurian coast, paintings by Italian artists of the 17th century, and natural history Bordeaux, capital of the department of Gironde, collections, the other containing botanical and ethnoand metropolis of south-western France, 359 miles from graphical collections. Population, about 3500. Paris by rail. It is one of the finest cities of France, a town of Belgium, in the province owing to its position on the left bank of the Garonne, its andBorgerhout, 1 mile E. of the town of Antwerp, with a station on spacious quays, promenades, broad roads bordered with the railway between Antwerp and Brussels. Candles, handsome buildings, and the animation of its streets and cigars, and tobacco are among its manufactures. Its places of business. It is also rich in scientific institutions, Maison Communale, completed in 1890, is one of the which have recently taken new developments and acquired finest in the district of Antwerp. Population (communal) fine premises. The faculty of medicine and pharmacy, built between 1880 and 1888, is attended by 1200 (1880), 20,268; (1897), 33,419. BorgfO, a town of Finland, 33 miles by rail N.E. of students. The faculty of literature and science, built between 1881 and 1886, possesses the grave of Montaigne, Helsingfors, situated on a river of the same name, at one of the most celebrated inhabitants of the district, whose its entrance into a bay of the Gulf of Finland. It was body was transported here. It also contains numerous here that the Chamber of Deputies framed, in 1802, the laboratories, and an astronomical observatory adjoins it. constitution of Finland. Trade, which is chiefly in furs, Attached to the natural history museum is a prehistoric, leather, &c., is hindered by the shallowness of the bay! anthropological and ethnographical museum, which has been Population, 4420. furnished with valuable types by the grottos and caves of Borgo San Sepolchro, a town and episcopal the Dordogne and Gironde. The Theatre Louis, burnt in see of the province of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, 29 miles N.E. 1888, was replaced in 1890 by the Theatre des Arts; and of Arezzo on the railway to Ancona, and on the river in 1893 the Olympia replaced the former Theatre Frangais, Tiber. It stands at the foot of Monte Maggiore, and is burnt in 1855. A magnificent monument to commemorate still surrounded by mediaeval town walls. Its chief claim the Girondists and in honour of the republic has been to notice is as the birthplace of Piero della Francesca, erected on the Place des Quinconces. The town of Raffaello dal Colle, and Gherardi, whose paintings adorn Bordeaux, formerly supplied by local wells and springs, the cathedral and other churches, the town picture-gallery, acquired (1883-87) the spring of the Fontbannes, on the a large hospital (dating from 1466), and the Collacchioni bank of the Ciron, thus securing a daily allowance of 40 house. A monument to the first named was erected in the gallons of water per head to 250,000 persons. public gardens in 1892. There is a technical school, and The works for the improvement of the port commenced during woollens are manufactured. Population of commune, about the Second Empire have been proceeded with. A vast wet dock 8300; of town, about 3700. with one mile of quayage, and capable of accommodating ships of BorgU. See Nigeria. 5000 tons has been excavated. The bed of the river has been dredged to admit vessels of 2000-2500 tons each. On the borders BoriSOV, a district town of Russia, government and of the new quays and the wet dock powerful cranes are set in motion by compressed water. A long timber boom has been 50 miles N.E. of Minsk. It is a very old town, mentioned in constructed opposite the city on the right bank, where are also the 12th century. It was annexed to Russia after the first the chief ship-building yards, from which have issued a large partition of Poland, and is famous for a battle fought in number of ships of the national fleet. In 1899, 10,041 vessels 1812, which compelled Napoleon I. to make the disastrous(coasting included) entered the port, and 10,169 cleared, with a total of 3,776,548 tons. The value of exports reached £14,564,000, that passage of the Berezina. Population, 14,900. of imports £12,788,000. Wine forms the staple article of Bordeaux Borisovka, a village of Middle Russia, governtrade. Twenty-two millions of gallons in casks, and a million ment of Kursk, near the Kursk to Kharkov railway, 32 bottles are exported annually, to which must be added the quantity despatched by rail. The total amount of this export is 66,000,000 miles from Byelgorod railway station. It has developed gallons. The chief lines of steamers connect Bordeaux with the rapidly with the extension of the railway, and has a steam West Coast of Africa, and with South America. The Basques who flour-mill, and many tanneries, and carries on a lively emigrated to Brazil and especially to La Plata, have established business in corn, hides, leather, and holy pictures. Popubetween France and those countries important relations. • There is no part of the world which is not in regular communication lation, 16,420. with this important commercial port. Pine-wood is exported to Borkll. See Sahara. England for the working of mines. The population of the town in 1886 was 225,281 ; in 1896, 239,806 ; in 1901, 257,471. Borkum, an island and summer resort of Prussia, the westernmost of the (German) East Frisian chain, lying ^ Borden town, a borough of Burlington county, between the E. and W. arms of the estuary of the Ems, New Jersey, U.S.A., situated in 40° 08' N. lat., and and opposite to the Dollart. It belongs to the province of 74° 43' W. long., on the east bank of Delaware river, 6 Hanover, and is visited by some 14,000 persons annually. miles below Trenton, and on the Pennsylvania railway. The island affords pasture for cattle, and is a breedingIt is the terminus of the Delaware and Raritan canal place for sea-birds. In the village of Borkum there are a Population (1880), 4258 ; (1900), 4110. couple of lighthouses, a Reformed church (1897), and a Bordigfhera, a winter resort of the province of Roman Catholic chapel. Population, about 1350. Porto Maurizio, Liguria, Italy. It stands about midway Bormio, an Alpine resort of the province of Sondrio, between San Remo and Ventimiglia, 91 miles W. by S. Lombardy, Italy, 35 miles N.E. of Sondrio. It stands of Genoa by rail. Bordighera consists of the New at an altitude of 4380 ft. on the Adda and at the