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Benjamin Disraeli. The First Vanity Fair Cartoon, 30tli January 1869. By Carlo Pellegrini (“Ape”).

Mr George Bernard(“Max”). Shaw. By Max Beerbohm

Professor Owen, 1873. The First Vanity Fair Cartoon by Leslie Ward (“ Spy ”).

Unrecorded History.—The Top of a Kopje, a.d. 1950. The aged Rip-Van-Kitchener (aside to his venerable Tommies). “Aha! The only survivor ‘ COMING IN ’ AT LAST ! ” The Last of the Boers. “ Vaid a momend ! Vod DERMS YOU GIF ME ; MEIN GOMBLEED INTEBENDENCE?—ODDERVISE I BLEIB ALVAYS ON GOMMANDO.” By E. T. REED, Punch S Almanac, 1901.

O the Ogre.” By F. C. Gould (from The Struwelpeter Alphabet). t Punch’s Puzzle-Headed People. No. 6. “All Harcourts.” Punch, 9th November 1889. By Harry Furniss. EXAMPLES OF ENGLISH CARICATURE