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707 prospect of a legal practice in the West Indies. He Alfred Henry, was made a lord justice of appeal and a proceeded to enter at Gray’s Inn in 1813, and was called pi ivy councillor in 1877, at the early age of thirty-nine, on 18th November 1818, another change in his pro- but unfortunately died only three years later. spects being brought about by the strong advice of Mr Lord Chelmsford was a brilliant and successful advocate rather Godfrey Sykes, a special pleader in whose chambers he than a distinguished lawyer or a great Lord Chancellor. He comhad been a pupil, that he should remain to try his fortune bined with ability and marked industry a high sense of honour and in England. He accordingly joined the home circuit, spotless integrity, while his fine presence and sparkling wit contnbuted to his success both in Parliament and his profession. and soon got into good practice at the Surrey sessions, Many stones are told of his ready tongue. “I have a right to while he also made a fortunate purchase in buying the deal with my witnesses as I please,” said a learned serjeant once, when Ihesiger had objected that he was suggesting answers to the right to appear in the old Palace Court, where were tried small causes arising within twelve miles of Westminster, person giving evidence. “My friend,” said Thesiger promptly, addressing the court, “may deal, if he likes, my lord, but I and where only four counsel were privileged to practise. In submit that he must not lead." Lord Denman used to narrate 1824 he was briefed to defend Hunt when on his trial at how he had complained to Thesiger of the length of a certain Hertford with Thurtell for the murder of Mr Weare, barristers speeches, “ever ending, still beginning.” “Yes,” said and was considered to have distinguished himself in his Ihesiger; his windings up are like the winding up of a watch, only gives it a fresh start.” On another occasion, Warren conduct of the case; and eight years later at Chelmsford which (author of the novel Ten Thousand a Year), who was always assizes he won a hard-fought action after three trials, to anxious to claim that he moved in high social circles, said, “I dined which he attributed so much of his subsequent success, the other night at the duke of Leeds’s, and—would you believe it ? that when he was raised to the peerage he assumed the —there was no fish.” “ Indeed ! ” replied Thesiger ; “ I suppose had finished it all upstairs.” In 1869, when the House of title Lord Chelmsford in grateful remembrance of the they oids divided over the Irish Church Bill, a Conservative peer, circuit town and of that particular achievement. In 1834 seeing that Samuel Wilberforce was about to vote with the he was made king’s counsel by Lord Lyndhurst, and Government, remarked, “ The Bishop of Oxford is going the wronv in 1835 was briefed in the Dublin election inquiry which )vaJ- , No* n°,” said Lord Chelmsford ; “he is going the road Wmehester -a prophecy fulfilled when Mr Gladstone made unseated Daniel O’Connell. In 1840 he decided to enter to Wilberforce bishop of Winchester later in the year. (E. A. Ali ) Parliament. He accordingly contested Newark in the ConChelsea, a city of Suffolk county, Massachusetts, servative interest without success, but soon after obtained a seat as member for Woodstock. In 1844 he became U.S.A., situated in 42° 25' N. lat. and 71° 0' W long solicitor-general in succession to Sir W. Follett, and was on a peninsula between Mystic and Chelsea rivers, and knighted, but having ceased to enjoy the favour of the fronting on Boston harbour. Its manufactures employed duke of Marlborough, lost his seat for Woodstock and in 1890 a capital of $7,028,356 and 3470 persons. The had to find another at Abingdon. In 1845 Follett died, value of the output was $8,158,207, one-third of which and Sir Frederick Thesiger, who next to Follett had for consisted of rubber goods. The assessed valuation of long been the most popular and most successful advocate property was in 1899 $23,405,294, the net debt at the bar, succeeded him as attorney-general, holding the $1,290,051, and the tax-rate $17.40 per $1000 Populapost until the fall of the Peel administration on 3rd tion (1880), 21,782; (1890), 27,909; (1900), 34,072 July 1846. Thus by three days Thesiger missed being Cheltenham, a municipal and parliamentary Loid Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, for on 6th borough (one member) and market town of GloucesterJuly Sii Nicholas Tindal died, and the seat on the shire, England, on the Chelt, a tributary of the Severn, bench, which would have been Thesiger’s as of right, fell 9 miles E.N.E. of Gloucester, 121 miles W.N.W. of to the Liberal attorney-general, Sir Thomas Wilde. ’ Sir London by rail. The place was little known until 1716, Frederick Thesiger remained in Parliament, changing his when its mineral water springs were accidentally disseat, however, again in 1852, and becoming member for covered. It is now equally well known as a great Stamford. During this period he enjoyed a very large educational centre and a health resort. Cheltenham practice at the bar, his talents as an advocate causing him College (incorporated 1894) and the Ladies’ College are to be employed in many causes celebres, including the famous all over the world. There are several other large action for breach of promise brought by Miss Smith scholastic institutions, and a free library, art gallery, against Lord Ferrers, his speech in which was highly and museum. The architectural appearance of Cheltenpraised, and the action arising out of an impostor’s claim ham , is deservedly admired. The parish church (St to be the son of Sir Hugh Smyth. On Lord Derby Mary’s) is an old Gothic building, with an elegant spire. coming into office for the second time in 1858, Sir The town possesses twelve other places of worship 1 rederick Thesiger was raised straight from the bar to connected with the Established Church, and twenty-three the Lord Chancellorship (as were Lord Brougham, Lord Nonconformist churches or chapels. The High Street Selborne, and Lord Halsbury). In the following year Lord contains many fine buildings (notably the new grammar Derby resigned and his Cabinet was broken up. Again in school). The celebrated Promenade, the most beautiful 1866, on Lord Derby coming into office for the third time, and verdant of English streets, has been compared to Lord Chelmsford became Lord Chancellor for a short period. Enter den Linden, Berlin. The town is well lighted (by In 1868 Lord Derby retired, and Disraeli, who took his electricity), well paved and drained, and has an excellent place as Prime Minister, wished for Lord Cairns as Lord water-supply. There are other attractions in the shape of Chancellor. Lord Chelmsford was very sore at his super- beautiful gardens (Montpellier and Pittville, the latter with session and the manner of it, but, according to Lord a lake for boating) and splendidly equipped baths, both Malmesbury, he retired under a compact made before he being the property of the corporation. The area of the munitook office. Ten years later Lord Chelmsford died on cipal borough is 4677 acres. Population (1901), 49,439. oth October 1878, after having industriously fulfilled Chelyabinsk, a district town of Bussia, 363 miles during his two periods of retirement from office the usual N.E. of Orenburg, on Mias river, situated at the east foot judicial functions that devolve upon an ex-Chancellor of the Urals, at the beginning of the lowlands of W. Siberia. Lord Chelmsford had married in 1822 Anna Maria It is the head of the Siberian railway, and is 428 miles Tmling, niece of Major Pierson, whose name is associated by rail E.N.E. of Samara and 154 miles S.S.E. of with the defence of Jersey. He left surviving him four Ekaterinburg, with which it is also connected by a railway. sons and three daughters, of whom the eldest, second Lord It is the centre of the trade in corn and produce of cattle Chelmsford, earned distinction as a soldier, while the third, shipped to the Ural iron works. Population, 19,891. "